How do you think the lines of a historical drama “Daming Fenghua” are so grounded?

From lines to stories, Daming Fenghua never pursues beauty. What I try to do is try to point to the people and try to inherit the best factors in traditional Chinese literature.

When I grew up in the early 1980s, I didn’t have so many books. The romance of the Three Kingdoms and the outlaws of the marsh were on my pillow for many years. Later, I watched journey to the West and a dream of Red Mansions. When I was in college, I chose the intensive reading of Mingshi and Jinpingmei from Mr. Yao Mang of the Central Academy of drama, which was my first basic understanding of ancient Chinese literature.

In Outlaws of the marsh and romance of the Three Kingdoms, you can see a large number of spoken languages of the Ming Dynasty, from the emperor to the two of the pelicans. The characters in them are tiger and tiger. What they say is as if you can see it with your own eyes.

< strong > Niuer: “you can’t kill people with this knife. I don’t believe it. Go and cut someone and I’ll have a look.”

< strong > Yang Zhi: “who dares to kill without cause? If you don’t believe in a dog, I’ll show you. ”

< strong > Niu Er: “what you said is that killing people doesn’t see blood, not killing dogs doesn’t see blood!”

< strong > Yang Zhi is impatient: “if you don’t want to buy it, you can pull it down. What are you doing

< strong > Niu Er grabs Yang Zhi and says, “I would rather buy you this knife!”

Yang Zhi: “you need to buy and take money.”

Niu Er: “I don’t have money, I want your knife!”

“I will not give it to you!” Yang said angrily

< strong > Niuer: “come on! If you are a hero, you can cut me! ”

< strong > Yang Zhi called out to the crowd: “everyone saw that this rogue wanted to rob my knife and hit me!”

How about killing you

< strong > a flash of cold light, Niu Er is offline.

Does this conversation look like a bar master? It’s no different from today.

Ancient costume plays often have half – written language, which is written in ancient China and a symbol of the special status of the gentry. The ancient Chinese didn’t speak that way.

Let’s see a dream of Red Mansions, which was written by the Qing Dynasty people. The oral expression in it is neat and even dirty.

We see “outlaws of the marsh”, which was written by the Ming Dynasty. What’s the difference between the language and us?

Including when song Huizong first negotiated with Song Jiang to acquire Liangshan, the world’s first anti thief leader and the world’s first elegant emperor chose to meet in Li Shishi’s brothel. Song Jiang came here as a prostitute. There was a secret road under the bed of Emperor Huizong’s palace directly leading to the brothel. It’s hard to do such a big civil engineering for him. Song Jiang’s bodyguard Yanqing, the eldest brother and the emperor are negotiating in the outer room. He dare not eavesdrop. He hides in the inner room with Mr. Li, but Mr. Li is not honest. He has to see a good tattoo. Yanqing dare not offend her, take off her clothes and let her touch. As a result, Li Shishi felt his heart burning. Yanqing was frightened, and dared not play on occasion, and dared not push Li Shishi aside.

This is the first-class drama scene in the world, with violence, pornography, politics and comedy. All the plots are in white. Although song Huizong is elegant, he will never lose his words, which is the style of Chinese narrative literature.

In the language changes of the past dynasties in China, verbs and nouns will never change, only adjectives. Like “I eat” three words, almost never easy.

The lines in Fenghua of the Ming Dynasty inherit the style of the vernacular novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Although we can’t expect our ancestors to be in case, we have been working hard.

In this play, there are a lot of lines that need to be meticulously carved. It takes the creator to restore to the character’s mood in order to say the most simple and in-depth words, sometimes two weeks a week.

What impressed me deeply is that I wrote that before Zhu Di died, he looked at the vast snow field. He knew that life was coming to an end. He should have a feeling. This man, a hero in his whole life, died at once. He was both relieved and sad, and he wanted to attack his heart with one word. I spent two weeks, often lying in bed, dreaming that I was the character and that death was in front of me. Tumbling in the chest, this taste is very uncomfortable, ten days did not get a sentence. Then one day, I just woke up and began to think seriously. I felt a pain in my chest. There was a huge sense of disappointment in my heart. I could hardly breathe. Then I blurted out that line.

< strong > Zhu Di: “life is so short, how can such a country be nostalgic?”

Another time, it was written that Emperor Zhu Zhanji of Xuande was offline. He was ill in bed for a long time. At night, he was lying on the main hall like a dragon to deal with official business. The minister close to him was very sad and advised him to go back to the palace to have a rest.

Zhu Zhanji’s lines should write out his mind of being ill in bed for a long time. He should write out the resentment of the 37 year old emperor who died early. I have to restore myself to the feelings of people who have been suffering for years. Then the line came out.

Zhu Zhanji: “I am sleepy all day long. I can only wake up for one or two hours with the cool air in the hall. The God first torments people with illness, and then makes people not afraid of death. If I can not wake up, it is my blessing.”

When this line was on the spot, Yawen refused instinctively at the beginning. Like me, he had to put his emotions into it. When he read this line out, he felt pain all over his body and his mood was so decadent.

After a moment’s hesitation, he finally decided to say the word. Must say this sentence, otherwise this kind of mood can never mobilize all emotions to flow out.

There was also a conflict between Zhu Di and Zhu Zhanji. Zhu told his grandfather about his political ambition in the future. The first thing was to deny grandpa’s Jingnan battle. These two men are not only the grandson, but also two great emperors. After the conflict, Zhu Di was sad and happy. Zhu Di is sad that he will eventually grow old, and his achievements and achievements will not escape history; he is glad that the little tiger has begun to show its edge, and there are successors in the Ming Dynasty. When Zhu Zhanji went out, I took a picture of the empty hall. Only the old emperor was sitting on a huge bed, showing his old style. He had to have a good word for him. Because this kind of complex inner feelings, completely depending on the body, light, expression is not enough to fully show, and this line should be very short, like a person muttering a sentence, between conscious and unconscious. I wrote about dozens of sentences, and finally chose one.

Zhu Di: “I want to drink.”

No matter others think it’s good or bad, for me, it’s full of fresh fragrance, which can be chewed repeatedly.

If you are careful, you will see that this play has the most accurate, the most simple, one knife can kill lines, which are the collection of painstaking efforts.

Like Hu Shanxiang, a queen, to see his drunken adoptive mother, Hu Shangyi. Originally written very long, deleted to the end, when the real shooting Hu Shangyi only three words, Hu Shanxiang didn’t say a word. These three words should gush out a mother’s most fervent emotion, have a kind of blood connection, and miss the heartache.

“I dreamed of you.”

< strong > “when you wake up, you should come to you.”

< strong > “I miss you.”

I think missing is nothing more than this. Thousands of times, hundreds of times, and the heart is broken. That’s the mood. I also believe that since ancient times, the feelings between people will not change anything. That kind of thinking but not, that kind of worry, that kind of grief, all lies in the author’s real touch and into the character’s heart.

The so-called “no madness, no drama”, without some hard work of “practicing words and sentences”, you will not get emotional language. The so-called “grounding gas”, I think it should be closer to the reality. This is my only pursuit. If it can be done, nothing can be done.

When it comes to the theme, some people say that the play is “marisu”, but “five sons of the Zhu family” occupies more than three quarters of the stage. Some people define it as “idol play”, but the tragic war, the glory of Zheng He’s return, and the desolation of the emperor’s mind are far from what the framework of idol play can contain.

I can hardly find a corresponding repertoire for this play, nor can I give it an accurate positioning.

< strong > it’s not the “big man” or “big woman” on the Internet, nor the so-called “traditional drama” with face preaching, nor the comedy like “Huanzhugege” or “drama about Qianlong”. It’s like a hot spring, and the audience can soak in the world freely. What I hope is that the audience can fully enjoy this novel and alternative experience of watching drama.

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