How to view the establishment of Nintendo Co-operation Department by Tencent Games?

Stakeholders: Tencent employees, non-IEG departments, have been in the pit for 20 years since the FC and GB era.

Upon getting up, I received this email, which almost didn’t let my cell phone hit my waking face.

Although the old man announced that he would cooperate with our company as early as two months ago, the news of the establishment of an independent department can be said to be more stable (hopefully not flag).

However, confidentiality reasons can only be discussed with colleagues in the company, by the afternoon, various media began to report that the news has been made public, according to the excitement of the morning can finally be released.

Some friends find it meaningless when they hear the news. Admittedly, even Tencent, which controls most of the game market channels in China, can hardly generate much sales for Switch. After all, the domestic market of mainframe, especially handset, is almost zero after PSP. Secondly, Switch has reached the end of its life cycle. It is almost a nail in the panels to come out of Swtich’s improved version. At this time, the road to explore the domestic market with Switch as a pilot will become . It’s a matter of course.

If only for the purpose of issuing Switch, it seems that there is no need to set up an independent department to operate. The newly established Nintendo Cooperation Department is positioned as “responsible for the work of host agent of the Switch, and further establish a deep and long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Nintendo on the basis of host cooperation.” Jointly explore broader areas of content cooperation. It can be said that Nintendo’s re-entry into China is a clear signal of . Despite Tencent’s employee status, from the perspective of 20 years as a dolphin/gamer, I also feel that if the veteran wants to enter China, there is no better choice but to cooperate with Tencent.

Nintendo has publicly disclosed its desire to enter the Chinese market on numerous occasions, but it has been held back by “various problems”. In fact, “all kinds of problems”, to put it plainly, the only problem is the relationship between the government and the trial. Is there any more skilled in this respect than Tencent in China? No, Of course, some people will talk about MHW, but back stabbing is really impossible. It can only be said that there has been such a painful lesson, IEG should know how to play this (flag 2). But in any case, it must be of positive value to let Nintendo, a “non-governmental expert” enter China, in an environment where the market potential is huge but the level is still at a “start, equipment depends entirely on picking up”. Wait patiently for change.

Another more coincidental point is that the recent plagiarism of Yuanshen has been so heated that Tencent just chose this time to publish the news. Is it really just coincidence? In fact, within Tencent, we can feel that an obvious change is that IEG pays more and more attention to word-of-mouth. Of course, money still needs to earn, but it also begins to try how to stand up and return the money to earn. Not to wash the floor, as a player, I am really happy and hope to see such changes more and more, of course, at this stage still rely on peer foil.

Restricted by confidentiality, there are some reasons that I want to say but can not say, including myself, I also gossip from various channels to some gossip, don’t worry, it will always come.

As a game player, of course, I expect Nintendo and Tencent to cooperate in the domestic distribution of & amp; Sinicization of more games, NS this small fulcrum to leverage the mainframe market in China, for the domestic game market, this is certainly a good thing, of course, if there are internal staff prices, it is simply fast. All the good things in the heart (laughter)

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