Spider-Man: The Hero Expedition: MCU’s Excellent Single Premier League Movie

Despite being a big powdery scene, it can still be said to be one of MCU’s best single Premier League movies so far. If you take personal preferences, Heroes Expedition can be ranked in the top three. If you look at Spider-Man series, you can also go hand in hand with Spider-Man 2.

The Heroes Expedition has been “very good” in several anticipated events, basically reaching the expected value or even more.

Strong > – Walk Powder.

To be honest, after two crazy smoke bombs from the Women’s Federation, fans have been wary of pits in the face of the trailer this time. At least most of the people around me have not believed that “mystery” will be a positive role. But it is useless to guess that the mysterious guest is a bad person.

When you find that all the plots in half of the trailer have already come out, you know that the next hour is the powdering scene. What kind of multiverse nonsense, is really angry to laugh, take their own home things in the movies, take breath and breathe.

I still want to say, Gillenhaal, it’s really suitable for the role of the bad guys who seem to be particularly just. That’s to make up for his regret that he didn’t play Spider-Man. By the way, acting is really very online, especially the last egg.

Strong > – All kinds of plots and sizes in the MCU series and the other two Spider-Man series can be fun for fans from all walks of life.

It’s a good idea to start a clip, but the premiere I was in already had girls crying and shooting on their mobile phones. I was shocked then.

Other types of stem from MCU, you are basically familiar with. Peter imitates Rogers fighting with shield and hammer. Happy throws shield. When Peter first put his hand into the virtual armor, the angle and posture are big and small, not to mention much. This is one of the daily pleasures of MCU fans. If you’ve seen the old trilogy, the last appearance of President James is definitely a tear in the bud.

One thing to be commended is that there is no excessive consumption of Iron Man. Of course, there are different opinions on this point.

Strong – “Spider-Man” is the best visual effect in the three series.

This is already a basic lesson for Manway, but if you have seen the black phoenix before, you can still feel the leading position of Manway (Disney) in this respect. Not only does it cost a lot of money, but it also has wonderful ideas.

Compared with the rough lines and simple presentation of Captain Marvel, the overall precision and shock of the heroic expedition is far better. The most amazing part is the part where Peter is dizzy by phantom fans. It’s really a great experience to work with IMAX.

Strong > – Let Peter grow up and take on greater responsibilities, albeit in a more demanding way than I expected.

Spider-Man, who has already experienced four works in MCU, has to grow up at the right time, which can be expected in the plan. But originally thought it was just the traditional soul chicken soup and sweet love routine, at most Nick Fury scolded a few words.

But I didn’t expect that the writers and directors had a hard time: “Being deceived and then believing in someone else and then willingly surrendering the only relic they respected and possibly endangering the whole world.” It was a very heavy blow for Peter, but he had been a child in four movies. Son Peter really needs such a strong impetus to grow up and mature.

In addition to completing the “basic lessons” above, really brings the film’s completion and plot richness to a level, which is the last two eggs. It can be said that this is the most abundant content and the strongest turning point since the founding of MCU, besides the super-unexpected shock brought by Iron Man at the end of the Hulk movie, which triggered the association and created the biggest eggs in the follow-up space. It is absolutely the operation and content that directly improves the overall quality of the film.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the two eggs, you can understand that you have seen another movie…………………………………………….

The existence of the first egg makes the plot integrity of the whole film the best single MCU film ever. In addition to providing a turning point, the second egg successfully leads to another new story line.

In retrospect, the heroic expedition was called a phased closure by Manwei. It is not because there are any extra extraterrestrial forces that need to be cleaned up after Women’s Federation 4, but because Spider-Man is a film that needs to be used to continue to open new storylines.

A heroic expedition has paved the way for the next Spider-Man and a new surprise captain (personal speculation), along with the silver guard line opened at the end of the Women’s Federation 4 and the black widow independent film, which has been exposed by the film studio, and the new layout of MCU (currently four lines can be seen) has begun.

Finally, the MJ in this series is really lovely. The love scenes with Peter also produced a bit of the feeling of campus idols, and the two 16-year-olds kissed so sweetly.

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