Personal Advertising: The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question

When you have two choices in front of you, you usually get at least three answers when you ask for advice.

This point, after going through the college entrance examination, facing the choice of universities and majors, and ushering in a key life choice, may have a deeper understanding.

Last week, there was a seemingly plain question, which received more than 7 million browses in a week and generated about 3,200 answers: What is the best major in a university?

What is the best major in a university?

In Xiao Li’s view, the problem seems too big to recall a story from the Galaxy Roaming Guide.

In the story, human beings ask advanced life, “What is the ultimate answer to the ultimate question? “We got a definite but confusing answer:”


The same may be true of college entrance examination volunteers. You can use knowledge as an answer vending machine, drop a coin and get a “good” or “bad” view, but it is still full of doubts.

You can also choose not to be satisfied with either answer, but to sit with those who have experienced it, see how they have gone through the four years of college, listen to their life after graduation, and form their own answers.

As @Gillette Camille said in his reply: “If the college entrance examination is a sign of a person’s adulthood, why not”choose a university major”as the first topic of a person? “.”

In order to help you better collect information to complete this topic, Zhizhi has made a new attempt: invite you to introduce your school and major together, so that friends can share every major in every university in China.

You help candidates to vote for school, you know to send meal tickets!

As of June 19, 16,279 acquaintances had given their full support to this activity. A total of 28,751 acquaintances had written answers on universities and majors. A total of 18,280 new questions had been answered, covering nearly 1,000 institutions of higher learning in China.

Here, Xiao Li would like to thank all the friends who participated in the activities. Candidates need your reliable answers!

The question is: How can we find these 18,280 answers? Try to search for the major and school you are interested in. The efforts of 16,279 friends are contained in the rich search results.

You may also find that both the poetic and pictorial meanings of “landscape architecture” and the hard core, such as “microelectronics science and engineering”, have listed the “index” according to the dimensions concerned when applying for an examination. I hope this will also help you fully understand the professional experience and development prospects, and better collect information for the first major topic in life.

“landscape specialty” search results

Careful friends may notice that some new changes have taken place in the hot search pages they know these days, adding a module called “Fill in Volunteers”.

Every year at this time, “hot majors” are always enjoyed by everyone. Search for the ups and downs of the heat, outline our expectations for the future. I wonder if there will be those highly regarded colleges and universities majors in the hot search list again this year.

In this regard, we can refer to the interpretation of search trend by “applying for new knowledge”: .


As for whether or not to study in a popular major, I don’t know if I can give a universal answer. All we expect is to help you find the information you need to make a choice. Here’s an exclusive tip to share:

Try in search of , you will find that a series of questions you care about have been grouped into different categories.

“College Entrance Examination Volunteers” search results

College entrance examination may be the first major choice in life, but it will certainly not be the last.

From this time to each time, we want to know that we can provide more ways to get information in “the ultimate problems of life”.

Just now, Knowing Round Table “Talking about College Entrance Examination Volunteers” officially launched. This time, we have invited excellent respondents and authenticated users from various fields, who are online persuaded by experienced people from various disciplines… We urge you to make rational choices and welcome your attention.

Talking about College Entrance Examination Volunteers

I hope we can help you to be more objective and rational in the most important choices in your life, so that you will have fewer “regret” moments in the next four or more years.

Finally, I wish you all the candidates a gold list of titles! ___________

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