Can the post-90s generation save money to change the status quo?

Although the trend of Consumerism Represented by [having fun in time] and [being better to yourself than not buying a RV anyway] has a large number of followers among young people, as a professional financial practitioner, I would like to say that this argument is a lie, considering only the present and not the future outlook on money will eventually lead to a hollow bamboo basket.

Savings may sound cool, but it’s really the most feasible way for young people to change the status quo.

For most young people without special family and resources, saving money may even be the only viable way to change their destiny.

Because saving money itself is not just a simple act, but the beginning of a set of habits. All changes in destiny begin with a small change in habits.

And changing the status quo itself is not a one-shot thing, it also needs a long time to accumulate.

When it comes to changing the status quo or destiny, many people first think about buying a car and a house. They need it now and immediately. If they can’t be satisfied immediately, they will feel frustrated and hopeless.

This idea is wrong, because the high-price infrastructure of RV itself is not designed to make people eat it. It is very normal to take 10 to 15 years to complete the down payment accumulation and look at the world. As for the people around us who buy cars and houses early, it is basically the accumulation of the previous generation. Money does not fall from the sky, and the previous generation also relies on silence. Money accumulated silently.

When you start saving money, you will experience a different feeling.

Even if it’s just a small amount of money, even if it’s just put in your pocket, even if it’s only tens of dollars a day, you will feel a little satisfaction.

You know that this money is your sacred territory, and every day, this money will be a little more, although the number is small, but visible to the naked eye. You will instinctively hoard more money to make money. Hoarding and collecting are human instincts. The function of E is to help young people to make money as their instinct, and to make a little profit in addition to it.

Once you start hoarding, your mind will change. All the high consumption behaviors that you don’t need for the time being will be transformed into hens that lay eggs in your mind. You will even sacrifice a little of your daily consumption to make money online, so that you can see the balance increase faster every day.

This instinct and habit will help you complete the first step of capital accumulation, saving money.

When you can put more than a third of your income into your budget every month, your savings will qualify.

The core of changing your money situation is two items, open source and throttling. After throttling, you will have the opportunity of open source.

I know that many young people are worshipping the empty gloves of the big capitalists and the great changes in the world, but you can only see the surface, not the principle.

All gorgeous capital operations, leverage plus yardsticks, must have a solid start-up fund, which essentially comes from a drop in the day. Ma Yun was a Haibo translation agency with his own money as a teacher, Ren Zhengfei was taking his own retirement compensation, even when Jia Yuetang ran a tutorial in his hometown to complete the original capital accumulation, he relied on his own. Money accumulated as a worker.

The starting point of all changes is a key small sum of money.

When you have this little money, you have a chance to try.

Don’t get me wrong, this opportunity is not to let you learn to leverage the big boys. This kind of high-risk thing is not suitable for ordinary people who want to live an ordinary life.

This opportunity may be the cost of a training course for key skills, so that I can get some more job opportunities and even have the chance to choose a new life, such as notes, PMP, CFA, master’s exam, even some fire certificates that can be attached, first-class architects and so on. Many friends around me have saved three years to start their master’s degree after their graduation work is not smooth, so they can choose a better one. Professional, after graduation to resume the status of fresh students from a high starting point.

Others rely on certificates to change jobs or an additional income, which requires some early investment.

Maybe it’s a small company restaurant of a friend who shares shares shares, or it’s an investment in some kind of asset, with tens of thousands of yuan of investment, in exchange for some risk-free life-changing opportunities. In the Internet age, such opportunities are not uncommon.

Even if you gamble on stocks, moderate accumulation will give you a chance to fight bicycles and change motorcycles. For those gamblers who overdraw their credit cards, you start with the problem of winning more and winning less.

In this choice, some of the money saved early plays a decisive role.

Or do nothing. Every time you collect a certain amount of money, you can buy regular financial management with higher income, once a year. After 10 years of compound interest, you will find that this is quite a sum of money.

What you need to save money is a sense of delayed gratification. You need to be patient because you know what you’re trying to do.

Patience is a great virtue.

It’s cool to spend all your money in one breath, of course, but after that, it’s chicken feathers and nothing remains.

Patience and accumulation can help you move steadily towards your goals.

It has been six years since the emergence of Bao bao. If you join in from the first day of Bao Bao and insist on saving a little money every day, even tens of yuan, this money can help you complete the transition at some stage of your life.

Life is like a river, flowing irreversibly in innumerable possibilities. Every little change may change the direction of the river, and the direction determines whether your end point is the sea or the swamp.

And the accumulation of money is to help you take the initiative in a tributary selection, give yourself a chance to grasp the initiative.

Life improvement is not a step-by-step process, but a step-by-step process.

All achievements are essentially the result of a small change in habits.

Save money, and so does life.

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