Little thing. How did I meet your mother?

At the beginning of thirteen years, I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. So far as I met my wife, I figured out that I had met about twenty girls.

Lai Zhongren are more reliable, have never met any wonderful sister, but also have their own differences.

Earlier, I had been disgusted with the pattern of dating. When I heard the word “dating”, there was always a kind of “spring is coming, and the season of animal mating is coming…” There is no rush at home, so when I’m single, someone starts introducing me, and they refuse to do so.

Until 14 years later, I changed my new job. A well-connected colleague saw me as single and felt “wasteful”, so he first started “passive blind date”.

The so-called “passive blind date” is to call me out to eat after work. When I arrived at the table, there were three people besides me. She, her husband and a sister I didn’t know.

Talk, eat, go home after eating, send a message to my sister how? What sister? The one at the table! Huh? I’ll introduce you to you. What? I didn’t remember her name…

So there are about four or five times, only one sister is impressive, the little girl from other places, a little black, but also a little thin, not tall, general but also beautiful. After the passive blind date, I made it clear to my colleague that I liked her very much. I invited her to have a meal alone, which hindered my colleague’s face. There wasn’t much talk at the table. It was a bit awkward.

Talking about it, she suddenly asked me a question. I can’t remember the original words. It probably means: What do you think is the most important thing in a man’s and a woman’s marriage?


Inside:… What the hell is this?

So the grass ended, and after that, on the grounds of busy, she basically did not reply to her tweets, and in a few days I was pulled black.

The above is “passive blind date”, which has changed from September 14 to “active blind date”, because it was introduced by a friend who has a good family relationship. It is difficult to get through without meeting his face. That is, I began to formally accept and introduce my sister to meet in the name of “blind date”.

1. The first sister I have about 2 months, 2 months, from September telephone QQ to November, I would like to come out to meet, I have an appointment with her for 2 months, during which I refused to come out for various reasons of busy work and busy family, Q chat is also basically embarrassing. So I began to think that she was also the eldest son of my heart who was unwilling to accept the arrangement of “blind date”, which was forced by her family. I thought: I’m not embarrassing you either. You just come out and meet and turn around and say that you’re not fit for the task. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the introducer had been very kind to me since childhood, I would have ignored her.

One weekend evening in November, Ken finally came out. In a shopping mall near my home, I was wearing a blue down jacket. I was of medium stature and had a plain face, but I could see that it was relatively simple. The appearance was actually within my acceptable range. Her work has not been clear to me. It seems that it involves finance and so on. My father is the principal of a middle school in the suburbs of our city and counties. I can see some bookish atmosphere. First, I took her to a German restaurant. When I looked at the menu, I could see that she was disgusted, but I was embarrassed to say that because the dish tasted heavier, so I changed to a nearby tea restaurant. During the meal conversation, I found that her words were very few. In fact, I usually belonged to a dull person. On that day, I basically said 100 sentences. She probably followed two sentences or so. Most of the time, I was saying that she looked at me and smiled. The atmosphere was a little awkward. I advocated complementary personality. In less than two hours, I talked about all the topics I could think of, and then sent her home on the bus. After that, I decided that this was also a woman who had come and finished her task, so I never complained about her again.

After a month or so, the introducer told me through my mother that the girl of the family was very satisfied with me. Why don’t you keep the appointment? Forehead… During the 2-hour meeting, I was embarrassed to talk about her smiling politely. I never felt that she was particularly satisfied with me. My mother asked me if I wanted to see her again. Actually, I didn’t hate her. But when I thought about it, she was a girl who was more bored than me. It was supposed that it would be very dull to be with each other, so she refused.

2. A kindergarten teacher was introduced soon, and he was in the last shopping mall. She was wearing a coat with a white shirt inside. It was a pleasure to see her for the first time because she was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. It was a pleasant chat during dinner, because we had more close topics in high school. After dinner, I was going to invite her to see a movie, which seemed like “Wonderful Night of Museum”. Then embarrassed, the operation was wrong, the ticket was bought into a cinema several kilometers away, so I took her to the subway to see it, and then came back with me to pick up the car after watching it. Feeling like a big mistake, the way to send her home fully exposed my stuffy nature, basically did not speak, so in about a kilometer away from her home, she ran away. Well, it’s really a run.

The process is as follows:

Woman: I’m coming. I’ll be right here.

Me: No, there are two blocks left. I’ll drive over and you’ll come down again.

Woman: No need. I’m going down here. You’re welcome. I’m going down, 88888.~~~


After a week, I asked her again. Okay, I admit I’m actually greedy for beauty.~

To pick her up at her house, there was nothing to say. I went to a coffee shop that I knew well. I was going to talk with her about life’s ideal. She sat down and ordered coffee. Then she opened a Book of Haruki Murakami in front of me. I can’t remember the title of the book because I don’t read Haruki Murakami. So in the corner of the coffee shop, on a small table, she looked at the book, I looked at her ~look at the cell phone ~look at her ~look at the cell phone… After half an hour of this, I couldn’t stand it and broke the silence.

Me: It’s embarrassing.

She closed the book: It was too embarrassing.

Me: How could that be?

She was silent for a moment: I went back.

I’ll see you off.

no use.

And then there’s no connection.~

3. Shortly after, I introduced a little teacher, who was very thin in the demolition household. It was probably the thinnest girl I had ever met. Her facial features were very beautiful, but her temperament was a little rustic. In fact, it’s acceptable. I met twice, and soon the introducer called and said that her aunt had arranged it. When I married her, I decided which apartment she sold, which apartment my family sold, and where to get married.

What? We just met twice and your family was ready to sell two houses? Or my aunt? How strong is the aunt, and will the aunt be in charge of her future childbirth?

So he refused, and then he had no connection.~

4. Then I introduced a little teacher. Well, there are more teachers around.

At noon, I met at a tourist attraction in this city. I was not tall and dressed up in fashion. I was wearing a small black hat and a pair of big eyes.

For lunch by the river, I watched a painting exhibition in the afternoon and went to my favorite daily food store in the evening. The whole feeling was good.

But on the way to dinner, my sister looked at me pitifully: I am young, just graduated, how old are you than me, the family should urge you to get married, but I don’t want to marry so early, the introducer is my leader. If I break up with you in half, will the leader look at me unhappy? I attach great importance to my present work, I feel you are very good one day down, but I don’t want to marry so early. Think so early.

The line, originally everyone is to take a process, how to do so painful, sister you so clear pity how I am embarrassed to embarrass you, I am not married madman perverted old wolf ah, so polite to send off.

After a period of time, my sister came to me again. I was on duty that day. In the middle of the night, I was asked to come out to play with her. At that time, I had a cat. She said she liked cats very much and made a pendant for my cat. Forehead…

So I pushed aside and said that I was busy. I had no time recently. I was really busy at that time. She didn’t mean that before she began to say it. In retrospect, I feel very good. It’s the type she likes. Would you like to try again? Forehead…

I haven’t been looking for me for such a long time. Suddenly, I came out like this. I’m sure it’s not my cat.

Major at that time there was another one, too lazy to pull two at the same time, and then she said so bitter, in case it was really her leader who put pressure on her, I would not be guilty, so directly refused to contact no longer.~

5. Another one was introduced by a buddy, a friend of a buddy’s friend. This is the worst time I have ever experienced a blind date, but it has nothing to do with my sister herself. The sister herself is quite gentle.

Avoid verbose, after the A, B and C address, brothers referred to as A, brothers friends referred to as B.

My sister is a nurse in the hospital. A asked me if I was interested in meeting. She said that she had a good and gentle personality. She promised, so she added Weixin to make an appointment with a restaurant.

One day before the meeting, A said that B always takes herself as his sister and brother. She is not confident of me. On the day of blind date, she should follow her, because she doesn’t know me, so she should follow her. Feeling strange inside, I also agreed, thinking that four people would eat a meal.

I arrived half an hour ahead of schedule. A hair message told me that my sister’s girlfriend C was not confident and would follow. After about ten minutes, another message came that C’s boyfriend Ding was curious and wanted to come together.

Half an hour later, I finally met my sister. She was a little fat and tall. She smiled shyly and looked really gentle. In the process of chatting, my sister expressed that she liked cooking at home and baked regularly, which seemed to be a virtuous family. Almost all the time, propidine and armour talked awkwardly, and Ding always looked at me meaningfully whenever he talked about feelings, marriage or other topics between them.

After dinner, my sister said she would go back to the hospital on night duty, because it was not far away, so she took it on foot. So my sister and I walked in front of me, about 10 meters behind me, and four of them were in a straight line to follow…

Later did not continue to develop, the sister felt that people are still very good, but not my type, for me a little bigger. And I hate being accompanied in the dating process. They are all adults. Although they may not be the original intention of their sisters, there is always a feeling that parents accompany the interviews, giving the impression that they are poor in ability and have no opinions. Especially the whole process feels like being stared at by others like a monkey, and the experience is very bad.

6. This is my friend’s cousin. When my friend learned that I was single, he pushed his cousin’s letter to me and told me that his cousin looks like Zhou Dongyu.

I met at a shopping mall in the city center. It was really like Zhou Dongyu. The similarity was as high as 80%. Even the expression and expression were very similar. It was a pleasant conversation. My sister was more cheerful and talked a little bit carelessly. There was a contrast with her tiny figure.

The second time we met at my house, she asked me out to play, but I was sick and had a fever, so she came to my house by bus to see me. I lived alone for several years. In fact, at that time, it was almost as good as that, because she had no strength, she chatted at home and took her to the bus home, which meant that she could not go out to play with her. My heart is very touched, because no girl has cared about me so much for a long time.

But then they didn’t get together because the two things were not very pleasant.

One is my business trip. After dinner with my colleagues in the evening, I went back to the hotel first. On the way, she sent a message to check the guard. It’s not my girlfriend, but it’s nothing. Report where I am, what I did in the daytime, what I did in the evening, what I am doing with anybody and what I am doing now. When she went downstairs to the hotel, she took a picture of Zhang Qingba and joked about going in for a drink, so she blew up… A pair of words, voice, said that as long as I went in, she would be angry after ignoring me, what. That’s just a clean bar. The glass on the exterior wall is transparent, so all kinds of guarantees will not go in. Go back to the hotel and take photos to make sure you go to bed. I personally do not like drinking, but every year there are three or five times to go to the cafe to have a chat with friends, not to go to those noisy places, feeling that she cares a little more.

One day after I came back, I went to see my parents. I talked with them for a long time. It was a little late when I came back to my house. Unfortunately, when driving on the bridge, there was a traffic accident, so the bridge was blocked in the evening, and the traffic flow moved a little bit. At this time, she called again to check the guard. That means it’s inconvenient to drive and the road condition is not good, so I hung up the phone. This blockage did not get off the bridge for half an hour. She called again and told her that she was still on the bridge. She didn’t believe it. She felt that I was cheating on her. So she quarreled for a while and then did not answer the phone when she got home.

After calming down, I felt inappropriate. My sister felt a little more crisis. After all, we were not together. How strict should we be together? So no more contact.

7. This is the one most likely to be with me besides my wife.

The introducer was a friend of her family for many years and a fucking mother, but the two families were not in the same city, so they never met each other. She studied for a master’s degree in Korea. After graduation, she plans to develop in my city and start a company with her fucking mother. So the introducer is very enthusiastic and intends to promote a marriage.

I met her at the railway station for the first time. How can I say that she is very white, slightly fat and not particularly beautiful, but she has a very good temperament, which is the best temperament of my sister.

Because everyone has studied abroad and lived alone for many years, they feel very chatty and have many similar views. Later about a few times, get along with is also harmonious, not particularly touching, but feel very suitable for each other, if smooth down, basically together is a nail in the pan.

Later, because she was not a native, there were not many relatives and friends in the city, and there were more relatives in her family. She had nothing to do for more than a month. A month later, almost every week her brother, her sister, her sister-in-law, her sister-in-law, her aunt and other relatives will come to her, but also pick the weekend. And every time her family relatives came to see her, no matter what they had made an appointment with me before, they all pushed it off. It’s normal, after all, it’s not a boyfriend, there’s nothing to say. Another month later, I was ill. At that time, I was not in good health. I was less than half a month ill. I couldn’t ask her out. When I’m almost well, she’s ill again… I visited her twice during this period, but I didn’t seem very happy to come. The girl’s sick face was haggard and she didn’t want to see anyone was normal. Later, when her fucking mother took care of her, I routinely sent a message of condolences.

When she got well, she said she wanted to come to my house next week and let me cook good food for her. I’m still very happy. I haven’t had a regular date for nearly two months, and my feelings are weak. If I can get back on track this time, I think the progress will be fast, so I began to prepare carefully.

Two days later, she told me that her sister was coming too, and she agreed, thinking that there was no reason to refuse. The day before she came, she sent me a message saying that a friend of hers had come to play with her temporarily. If she wanted to accompany her friend, she would not come to me. Not very happy, her family relatives just, she temporarily came to a friend, can put off my appointment, and did not discuss with me, completely inform me of the tone, at night to see her circle of friends, or a male friend, the fire is bigger, the next week ignored her.

One week later, one evening, she suddenly sent me a long message to the effect that she had known me for so long, as if her feelings had reached a bottleneck and there was no progress. She felt that they were not suitable. Right, right, wrong, and then it’s out of touch.

Until a long time later, my wife and I established a relationship and made a circle of friends. That night, she tweeted me and chatted for a long time, to the effect that life is changeable and fate is not. Neither did they delete their contact information, because the introducer and the two families have a close relationship. Maybe they will meet later, which is not so great, but they have never spoken since. See her circle of friends also received the certificate some time ago, wish her happiness.

8. This one was introduced by my buddies. Well, I was introduced to my buddy A of the nurses before.

She is my brother’s schoolsister. My brother told me that she is all kinds of good, gentle and kind, which is in accordance with my hobbies and interests. She is a little fat and can’t carry my brother’s enthusiasm. So three people met at a downtown restaurant.

See the girl, eh, what about the slightly fat girl? She’s the fattest girl I’ve ever met in a blind date.

However, after we opened our conversation, we found that we were really lucky. Our real interests and hobbies are very consistent with mine. I love visiting museums, watching exhibitions, listening to concerts and keeping cats. But my fate is to develop her into a brother…

After the meeting, politeness added a Wechat, after which she kept asking me out. I didn’t want to go in that direction, plus I was really busy, and I refused again and again. She was also very attentive. At that time, my cat was ill and I had no time to take care of it. She was in the pet hospital. She turned over my circle of friends and went to visit my kitten. Unfortunately, she had no desire to develop with her, so after a showdown with her, she deleted me.

later Tucao with my brother, meaning I have no vision. If I stay with her, I can struggle less for many years. It’s true that her family conditions are much better than mine, but if I figure this out, I might as well kneel and lick my predecessor. Well, my predecessor can also kneel and lick my predecessor…

9. Next, I would like to talk about the dating process with my wife, which is somewhat dramatic.

My wife’s leadership is my sister, I think my wife is sweet and clever, so I said hello to her, pushed a tweet, let’s talk to each other.

I added a tweet and turned over her circle of friends. There was a sense of guilt. Was this a junior high school student? Although they are all pictures of P, but later I met my wife who was really small. Looking at the curved eyes in her photos, she was very cute, so she liked Dasheng.

It felt good to talk for a week on Wechat, so I met about downtown. That day, I wore a windbreaker and met her at a crossroads. She wore a dark green dress with flowing sleeves. Well, straight men don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, it’s elegant. Take her to the tallest platform restaurant nearby, and then start talking awkwardly. Feeling far from the nature of chatting on Wechat, I later learned that she actually did not do my sister’s face to complete the task, and I was wearing windbreakers that day, she did not like boys wearing windbreakers, especially my handsome ~have a chat about an hour and a half, after dinner, I proposed to go to a movie. At that time, Beijing met Seattle. 2) Just released, you can see that she is reluctant, but still promised, so mobile phone to buy tickets, take her to the nearest cinema.

At the entrance of the cinema, something more embarrassing happened. I never changed my cell phone. At that time, it was still 5S. The battery was not very good. When I cashed the ticket, it was obvious that there was still 30% of the electricity. Suddenly, the machine was turned off automatically, and I could not turn it on anyway. Ah, better than the girl who hadn’t spoken in the coffee shop for half an hour before… She obviously has a sense of relief. How can she let go of it? She was so smart as me that she waited in front of the cinema and rushed to the nearby mobile phone repair shop. She borrowed a charging line to connect the power supply. After booting up, she sent the movie ticket exchange code to her mobile phone, and then rushed back to use her mobile phone to cash the tickets. It was perfect.~~~

We didn’t talk during the movie. Later, we learned that she thought it was wrong for me to ask her to go to the movie and that I was a bad person.

At the end of the movie, I could feel her refusal, so I decided to send her home politely. As a result, she ran away. She really ran away. The little teacher sent me to a place not far from home before. This one really ran away.

Specifically, out of the cinema

Me: It’s getting late. Let me take you home.

She: No need. I’ll just go home myself.

Me: Your family is quite far away. I’ll take you back. I’m fine anyway.

She: Don’t bother so much. I can go back by bus.

It happened that she answered a friend’s phone call.

After that, he said to me, “I happen to have a friend coming to me. Wait for me at the gate of my neighborhood. If I have something to do, I won’t bother you, 88.”~~~

When I finished, I left at a speed close to running. This was the only girl who really “fled” after my blind date. So I went home and looked in the mirror to see if I really looked like a pervert o ()o


Originally, it should have ended here, and there was no intersection with the girls who had no contact with each other before. However, she has not deleted me, and has not spoken, during that period of time just free no other sister, occasionally flipping circles of friends will give her a little compliment on the dynamic.

About a month or so, one day she suddenly sent me a picture of a clock. It was colorful. She said that her home had just been decorated and she wanted to change the clock. What she saw was only made in the United States. It was not sold in China. I stayed abroad and asked if I could find a friend to buy one for me.

I have been studying abroad for many years. For a straight man who is not so exquisite in life, Haitao does not touch him at all. It’s still a small crowd thing like Zhong. To extend the topic, just at that time I would change a floor lamp and ask her to go to IKEA and the lamp shop to see if there was a bell that didn’t suit her. She agreed, so she had a second appointment.

It’s quite a normal date. I went around IKEA and bought a floor lamp. She didn’t buy anything. She went home for lunch at IKEA and then made an appointment to go to the exhibition next week.

The painting exhibition that day was more abstract, most of which I did not understand. She was very happy because she gave me her mobile phone and asked me to take nearly 200 photos of her. Seeing her putting POSE on the edges of all kinds of paintings, I really can’t cry and laugh. Ordinarily, I would be quite disgusted, but that day was very happy, think she is particularly lovely, indeed, the world is looking at the face.

Are we together after the exhibition? Did not.

At that time, I was not busy with my work. In the evening, I signed up for a coffee flower-pulling class to play. One night, she and her friends were eating nearby. Knowing that I was playing flower-pulling there, she called me over for a drink.

Did you take me to see my friends so soon? There were four other people besides us that day, including a couple and two of her friends. Arranged me beside her, during which her friends made fun of us, checked my account, she smiled Shallowly on the side, wearing a white shirt, particularly beautiful, so I decided that this was her friend to check for her.

Later, she found out that she was thinking too much. The next morning, she sent a long tweet to apologize for the jokes made by her friends last night. Let me not think too much. Just be friends.

Woman heart needle ah, afterwards know that she really think so. But at that time, I was still very angry. What was it called? I answered politely and continued to play by myself.

However, for a long time, nothing to her friends circle a compliment, from time to time there is a chat on a few words, and different from before, the front of the blind date said no reason, her heart is still unable to put her.

Shortly after the end of the year, I asked her to attend the New Year’s concert, and she let me go that night. She did not blame me her. She led the pot and asked her to work overtime without letting her go. So she led an old professor without tickets to accompany me in front of the concert hall.

On December 31 that day, after the concert, I went to my friend’s house for a party. Six or seven people were going to play table games for the New Year. As a result, she called shortly after arriving at her friend’s house. Originally, she went to her sister’s house to play after working overtime. Unfortunately, her sister’s house had a blackout in the evening. So he ran out and asked me if I was free to spend a year with her.

Of course, when she was free, she rushed out to look for her after putting on her coat which had just taken off for a few minutes. Then she found a porridge shop and drank a bowl of Chinese New Year porridge.

That porridge was invited by her. She was wearing a light blue coat that night. She smiled and said to me, “I invited you to eat it from 16 to 17 years. How can you repay me?”

Then I’ll invite you to dinner for one year.

So for the next month or more, I asked her out every week to go shopping with her and take her to some relatively small and fresh places.

It’s almost 214. I’m thinking about whether I should make a confession to her on Valentine’s Day.

Previously, there were many requirements for your spouse, especially after three emotional experiences. Objectively speaking, there are many small problems in my girl. She is lazy, greedy, often unplanned and slow to respond to big nerves. I’m afraid I’ll turn my back on other girls, but every time I see her, as long as she laughs, her eyes bend and her heart melts away.

Maybe it doesn’t matter what criteria you meet the right person.

Speak plainly, look at your face.

However, 214 did not declare it.

On the night of 212, while I was driving home, she called me.

Ask you a question.

You say

There’s nothing else to say. It’s just my simple question.

What do you say?

It’s a little awkward. I shouldn’t have asked this question, but I can’t help it.

You said hello.

I ask you, my friend XXX always said you like me, do you like me ah



What do you say?


You ask, I answered, what do you mean now?

I don’t know. I’m not prepared. I thought you didn’t like me.

I depend, you ask questions, there are only two answers, I answered one of them, you told me that there is no psychological preparation ah

What about that?

You can say one word, do not do my girlfriend


It’s all here. It’s more plain. Don’t hesitate.

Let’s try.

So before 214, we were together.

Later things will not go into details, in the middle of the night, until the morning to get married, I went to rest, put a picture to sow dog food.

ps: I’m not Laurie. My wife is only young, but her style is different from Laurie’s.

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