Heidi and Grandpa: A masterpiece worth sharing with children

“strong” Heidi and Grandpa | It’s a pity not to share this movie with your children .

This is a movie that I especially expect my baby to watch with him when he grows up.

It is adapted from the novel Heidi by Johanna Sperry, a famous Swiss writer of children’s literature. It is a literary masterpiece at the end of the nineteenth century. It has been put on the screen for more than one hundred years since its publication and is a classic in the history of children’s literature.

This little fresh film tells a very simple story:

Heidi, an orphan girl from a poor family living with her grandfather, was sold by her aunt to an aristocratic family as a reading companion and companion of Clara, a wealthy woman, and later returned because she missed her grandfather too much. Clara, who has a deep friendship with Heidi, misses her little friend Heidi and stays with her grandfather for some time. After experiencing the life of two different classes, Heidi learns to read, has different vision and dreams from other village children, and after experiencing the beauty and freedom of nature, the rich woman Clara miraculously gets rid of her wheelchair and learns to walk independently. In the process of sincerely happy for each other’s progress, the friendship between the two angelic girls is also more profound.

The story sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Wasn’t it the variety show “Deformation Meter” which was once popular on Hunan Satellite TV?

But it is far more aesthetic than Deformation Meter. Nobles have the upbringing and demeanor that aristocrats should have. Children of poor families also have their own optimism and kindness. Adults are content with their own lives without complaining or being violent. The whole film looks uncommon and comfortable.

There are many things that touched me in the film.

The first thing is Heidi’s kindness.

Although she is an orphan, I think she has the greatest wealth: kindness. Kindness is not an empty praise. Kindness can be concrete.

“strong > < br > kindness is selective neglect and forgetting of harm to others, while others are good to her, but remember it. Heidi, an orphan whose parents were both dead, was abandoned by her aunt and sent to her grandfather, who did not want her at first and quarreled with her aunt about not being disturbed. Aunt ran away as if she had thrown away a big burden. Grandpa chased her to take Heidi back. When they kicked her around like a ball, no one thought about the feelings of the poor little girl who had lost her parents. If it’s a normal child, it’s probably better to calculate the shadow area of the mind.

The little girl didn’t cry or feel sorry for herself. When she was sleepy, she found a place to sleep. When she couldn’t get in, she slept in a sheepfold. When Grandpa gave her goat’s milk, she was probably hungry for a long time, and the little girl drank it all up. Later, Grandpa accepted her and made her a chair. She totally forgot her dislike by Grandpa before and sincerely said thank you with Grandpa in her arms. Later, I went to the rich family and lived a life of fine clothes and fine food. I still missed my grandfather.

Kindness is to always be grateful for the present that you already have, and to turn this gratitude into care and care for the weak within your power. Heidi went to see Peter’s grandmother, and in the evening her grandfather carried her home. She leaned on her grandfather’s back and said, “Grandpa, Peter’s grandmother can’t see or eat hard food. I think we’re lucky, aren’t we?” At a young age, she can have such empathy, empathize with the suffering and discomfort of others, and perceive her own luck. Even if she was only an orphan girl of a peasant, she thought she had enough, not why the world was unfair to her, but how to help those in need. The act of saving buns for Grandma is really warm.

Kindness is when one’s own interests are in conflict with those of others, one would rather suffer a little injustice on one’s own than complete the other’s interests. Heidi loved nature, loved the freedom of birds flying, accompanied Clara to live in a beautiful big house. She was not happy, but looked at Clara’s pale face and disappointed eyes. Knowing that Clara needed her friendship and companionship, she stayed behind and stubbornly choked herself into sleepwalking. How can such a little girl not be distressed?

This little girl, from the secular point of view, has less than anyone, but because of her kindness, she has become a warm little sun. Grandpa brought companionship, grandma care, friendship between Clara and Pitt, and Clara’s father and grandmother brought a more sunny Clara. Even Clara’s maid, remember that after Heidi left, she named the kitten Heidi.

The second is to feel what a real aristocrat is.

Nobles are not just palace-like magnificent houses, expensive delicate tableware, elegant and standard dining etiquette, meticulous private housekeepers, knowledgeable family teachers, well-trained maids, gentle and loving family doctors… What’s more, education from the inside out is equal and respectful to people of lower class than oneself.

Clara was raised as a princess, but she had no princess’s disease. She had always been friendly to Heidi, helping her out and encouraging her to learn to read without any contempt. I went to Heidi’s house, slept in the attic with Heidi, and played in a pile of hay. As a child, she was educated by famous ladies, and she could follow the custom in her native place. Like Heidi, she could drink a large bowl of goat’s milk. I really love this beautiful, soft and shy girl.

Clara’s father, who loved his daughter so much, knew that her daughter would be unhappy after she lost Heidi. He took the doctor’s advice and sent Heidi home. Although he could not do so under the contract, he chose to respect the heart of a little girl: his daughter’s happiness could not be based on hurting another little girl.

More touching when I was with Clara’s grandmother, she did not listen to the housekeeper’s side of the word, personally with the little girl, observe her personality, whether she is happy. As a noble lady, she totally ignores the rank, takes an orphan girl from a poor family as her own granddaughter, tells stories for Heidi. Isn’t this warm kindness what we Chinese have always advocated “children, children and people’s children”? Not only is she kind, but she also follows the good lead and deliberately stops telling the best part of the story, and guides Heidi to learn to read, so that she can read the story by herself without relying on others.

When she sent Clara to Heidi’s house in the countryside, she sincerely asked Heidi’s grandfather that she would bear the cost if she wanted her granddaughter to live in his house. One detail is worth recalling. Grandpa Heidi received her with a broken kettle and two black glasses, poured a glass of water for her, and she drank it without hesitation. Another cup was poured, and she took it and drank it naturally. Comparing with the serious butler’s teaching of Heidi’s eating etiquette, you can imagine that this lady with neat hair and exquisite clothes is a bit of a cleanliness fetish, but she can respect people so imperceptibly and appropriately that people can feel the real nobility.

In the end, I feel deeply that the Alps are really beautiful. If I had the chance to travel personally in my life, how perfect it would be. For such beautiful scenery, the film is also worth seeing.

After watching this film, compared with the reality we see, it is more impractical. No, they were originally adapted from fairy tales.

But the loveliest thing about it is that even though you know it’s a fairy tale, you still believe that such a thing really exists.

Because the people in the story are so real and lovely, and the warm smiles like sunshine, I would like to collect them carefully.

Strong > I would like to tell my children through this film: about kindness, about respect, about the beautiful nature.

What about you?

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