How did the Raptors fight back?

After the first two wars between the two sides, the basic set is clear: the Bucks shoot 14 shots, as long as the shooters play a normal level, irresistible; Raptors rely solely on Leonard and other explosion points is not enough to compete with the Bucks.

In the first battle, the Bucks opened fire three minutes early, so the half-court victory was established. In the third quarter, the Raptors made a big rebound, relying on < strong > Leonard’s quick decision; the small lineup speeded up; the fourth and fifth position defensive adjustment .

I thought it was a reference for World War III. But today the actual adjustment of Raptors is not the same thing, fully demonstrating that there is still a big gap between civil science writers and professionals.

But we can’t be discouraged after eating this meal. Although the post-match summary is a little behind the scenes, it is an important means for civil science writers to track the intentions of professionals.

What remarkable adjustments did the Raptors make today?

First, breakthroughs should be made.

This point, you think about the small Gasol are playing fake throw real sudden re-pass, you know.

However, Pascal-Siakam is the most lethal. His first seven offensive frames are: breaking through the alphabetic brother to hit the rebound; counterattack against Lopez to speed up the breakthrough foul; counterattack three times against Lopez to hit the basket, missed the shot; small Gasol at the bottom corner to break through the throw; air-cut to small Gasol to score the ball to hit the basket and add penalties; counter-attack to hit the basket by the alphabetic brother cap – this is a bit drifting; arc-top ball to break through the back to crush Brogden. Shooting missed.

This is aggression. The alphabet brother is the main defender of Siakam, so we can’t let the alphabet brother stop. Alphabet Brother today 23 rebounds, 4 blocks, 11 rebounds, 17 jamming shots, the defensive side is still omnipotent, but also early back on five fouls, and eventually fouled out, the Bucks line of defense hit and collapsed.

Among them, the impact of Siakam is the greatest!

Second, speed up .

After World War II, we mentioned that Raptors were not fast-paced, but switched to attack the top three in the world.

Today’s Raptors fight like the Bucks of World War I. The difference is how far the Bucks shoot and how much the Raptors fight back to break through in chaos.

From Siakam, we can see that the first quarter of the effect is not to say, seven attacks and three counter-attacks! It’s like a cavalry rush. It takes a wave before you say it.

Then the main beneficiary of the Raptors’counterattack was Leonard, who scored 13 points in a single fast break today.

By the way, talk about Leonard’s attack. Similar to Durant, let them dominate every attack. Given their strong personal attacking power, it is not bad, but it is not conducive to the overall operation of the team.

On the contrary, as it is today, with Lowry and Xiao Jia as the axes and Siakam as the pioneers, let the system work first. Leonard then uses all-round skills, or brushes the counter-attack rounds, or seeks opportunities without the ball, or makes profits in the front rebound chaos to ensure regular output.

KD and Leonard have this ability. You don’t have to arrange tactics. They still get 20 points. Then when the situation is so intense that no one can score, come out and take over the game, such as the second overtime!

Most of the time in the system, it takes assassination to override the system, maybe the best way for them to show their influence!

Strong > Third, the defensive counterpoint adjustment.

Leonard defended against Greek monsters at the beginning, Siakam against Bradso and Lori against Middleton. Later on, Danny Green went to the Alphabet Brother when he changed his guard. If the inside guard frame was in place, it would be a good idea to use a small man to prevent the Alphabet Brother from sticking to his feet.

However, in fact, Danny Green is the opposite Eric Bradso most of the time. Combining Lori against Middleton and Leonard against the alphabet brother, this basically takes all the < strong > perimeter guards to the Bucks’possessor !

And what good is it that Siakam doesn’t have to be on guard against Greek monsters all the time? One thing is clear: he can give up the breakthrough of shrinking the base angle and defending the alphabet brother, and then make up the position after the alphabet brother suddenly points out: the long and strong arm movement is a silent deterrent to the small man; the big man who moves slowly is also in time.

This round, three meters vacant, Bradso still hesitated, and finally had to force a missed ball! By the way, the Greek monsters are cruel to the defensive formations.

Strong > Fourth, it is effective to shoot the buck at a distance beyond the cut-off position.

When playing with Boston Celtics, the Bucks are less able to handle the cut-and-roll, which makes Al Hofford and Marcus Morris extremely efficient.

Today, Lesser Gasol hit two three-pointers in the first quarter: one from Leonard’s counter-attack to attract the return of the pack; the other from Siakam’s counter-attack to attract the return of the pack.

Neither of these three-point shots, however, confused his opponent’s defense with Lorry’s hand in the elbow, while the Raptors’guard line and Ibaka’s cut-and-break had a real fight.

Unfortunately, the Raptors’front cover shooting skills are not stable enough to continue to be a winner or loser.

Fifth, Norman Powell came up and used the block and pull to break Lopez’s squat pit defense; < strong > Continuous breakthroughs to slow down .

Powell is today’s marvellous soldier.

Strong > Sixth, the defensive intensity has been greatly increased.

Bucks feel: The first quarter is probably the best defense they have ever encountered in the playoffs, six mistakes in a single quarter, almost all converted into the Raptors score.

For the Raptors, reflected in the defense of the bottom corner shooter, Siakam, Ibaka can jump out, even if Mark Gasol’s defense makes people can not believe that this is a standing center.

The most lethal aspect of the Toronto Raptors playoffs so far is that if the penalty scale encourages confrontation, they can raise their intensity to the highest level. Leonard and the power switch are the only places for the Raptors to be champions !

But there are also costs: foul bombing, Powell and Lowry committed six. And that’s not accidental: remember that in the third game against Magic, the Raptors started with at least four fouls in half-time! ___________

But the Bucks can still withstand. There was no chance for three points in positional warfare. Middleton chased long-range shots. George Hill was three points in the bottom corner. Brogden also chased long-range shots. Later, the Raptors were slightly less intense, and Connaughton made two three-point openings.

No Bucks scored more than 6 points in a quarter and a half, but eight scored at least 3 points. Only Iliasova, who had gone through the last riot in rotation, did not score. It was about the character conservation of the role players.

Yannis-Adeto Kunbo fought back two times in a row, chasing the difference to three points, and the Raptors suspended.

When the Raptors came back from suspension, Leonard began to catch the ball frequently in waist position in singles . That’s what LeBron James or Kevin Durant used when they played: they had the best passes, and they played singles without them. So Leonard assisted Siakam in the air and Lori in the top three points. Together with Siakam’s left-hand corner singles layup, the Raptors again established a double-digit lead.

Boden Holzer also called a pause! So far in the series, I have been impressed by the fact that Bushuai always scored successively every time he called for a pause, but it usually looked like the shooter had scored. So his pause was to pack shooters with shooting bags? I don’t know, after today’s suspension, two more points were added: the Greek monster assisted Lopez, and George Hill assisted Brogden.

Then there was the tug-of-war, where Bradso scored a three-point one-on-one, and Lori Ibaca responded to a quasi-pressure whistle and ended the first half.

So far, the game has become the toughest in the series. Therefore, the whole third section is the situation of dog-tooth staggering. Pascal Siakam helped the Raptors break the deadlock in part; Fred Van Friedt helped the Bucks break the deadlock near the end.

Can’t Van Jordan really DNP?

Maybe not. The Raptors have rotated seven people. This is the same round of discovery after Norman Powell! Not everyone has the courage of Billy Donovan’s 2016 Western Final!

Yannis Adetokumbo’s attack today was held back. This may be attributed to the defensive adjustment, Leonard’s first line of defense today caused him a lot of trouble, can not rush up, small Gasol, Siakam can be in the interior from the comfort box, the weak side of the comfort bag: Yannis error explosion!

But the reason the Bucks are Bucks is that they have enough defense throughout the season to ensure a lower limit.

They gave the Raptors only 19 points in the third quarter and 19 points in the fourth. Attack can not be opened, but the Bucks still rely on defense to seize the game, play the first overtime, then play the second overtime.

The second overtime they finally failed to hold back, because Yannis-Adeto Kunbo 6 committed the scene, Lopez was attracted to the outside line by young Gasol, no longer Yannis guard frame, the Bucks defense was broken!

The Bucks finished six consecutive playoff wins and the Raptors won the first game of the series. Division finals, four teams from East and west, played in the third game, and finally there was a feeling of airtight and suffocating!

Finally, talk about the right strategy for the Raptors to win.

The first one, two, three, four and five-six items are all game from tactical point of view. But in fact, the strategy throughout the game is firm: take all the defensive forces to deal with the Greek monster-led ball holder, pressure on the ball, at the expense of emptying the shooter .

The attack of the bucks, the Greek monsters and the Sagittarius, are two cups of poison! If you want to take both sides into consideration, you often can’t take both sides into consideration. Referring to World War II, you don’t even know how to fall down!

So, choose a drink and get down to earth! But it’s not anencephalic contraction! Bottom corner shooter, see Gasol’s throw at Iliasova.

In short: Hold one end, the other end depends on initiative! ______________

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