Tencent Confirmation Agency

Stop telling me that Microsoft is the richest. Is it impossible for Spencer to decide for President Ah San? Regardless of how people get their money, Tencent has six top names.

Of course, it is a great good thing. The most intuitive view is that the industry is the richest, while the industry is the most powerful.

Nevertheless, in that sentence, market development is a footprint stepped out of one footprint, the idea and the reality are still different.

Because at present, the most critical point is that you don’t know what depth Tencent and Nintendo are going to cooperate with each other, so it’s better to speak freely.

The scale and manpower of small workshops in Kyoto are very limited. There are too many uncertainties, even if the network services are messy. Microsoft Sony has a big business and a very broad domestic business. It has a better understanding of the domestic situation and channels than Nintendo, which has almost nothing at all. (To be honest, the pit Dr. Yan stepped on has almost no guiding significance for the present.) After all, it is really not a matter of putting a Chinese label on the machine and putting it on the market directly.

The first thing we need to look at is the < strong > uniform policy . Whether or not Guoxing Aircraft has opened and unlocked the back door, and what kind of national uniform will be, in fact, the other two as Guoxing warriors and martyrs have made the way clear.

Then what kind of support < strong > Guohang game will get . Although most of Nintendo’s attractive games seem to be easy to introduce, after all, Nintendo’s people and animals are not harmless just because of the former Nintendo Dog and the later Maso Olympics in Beijing. But I don’t think the cooperation between the two companies will be stuck in the game approval. If introduced, on the one hand, most of the content of localization has no need to worry about, on the other hand, domestic prices and payments will certainly have a better experience.

Although the state-owned stores certainly can not be copied, but in theory it will be better than the other two, Nintendo’s most attractive game is really able to support a state-owned machine…

Then there is < strong > service content . Persons like QA don’t know much about hardware. I’m looking forward to < strong > network service . If we can cooperate ideally, this will greatly improve the current experience of the game department. But to be honest, the other two domestic network services are not particularly ideal, and once this is done well, it is quite commendable.

Things outside of the game such as Xuanfa and Channel, have completely reversed the previous situation in this generation in China. Considering the fact that NS has not entered China yet, only depending on the player’s ecology can create a current situation. If Tencent has such a level of channels and help, it is indeed like a tiger. Wing. After all, no one wants to see Nintendo’s official channel in China is only Weibo to work in Hong Kong (no), which will also be of great help to Nintendo in public opinion. For gamers and the media, there will finally be an opportunity to access some of the “official” content, which is of great benefit to the confidence and communication of the market.

(Some of the above remarks are softer and more grumpy, and I hope that if I can, I can break something far away.)

At present, many things can only stay in the imagination stage, or wait for further information. For the domestic market, Nintendo and Tencent are not in one size at all, so at first glance they are all talking about how much help Nintendo can get, but everyone has their own pursuit.

In other words, I’m actually more concerned about what benefits Tencent can get from , which is the most important point of this cooperation.

Although Tencent’s family is richer than Nintendo’s, Nintendo also has something that Tencent and even all other people do not have. As game enthusiasts, I hope and believe that such cooperation can make you win-win, not only Nintendo and Tencent, but also the domestic game market culture and game-loving us us.

But they are all talking on paper. Let’s wait for the follow-up .

But anyway, Times change!

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