Knowing that normalization 996 does not make sense, why bosses are so happy?

The word “996” was put forward by a middle-level of a giant. At first, it was just a slogan to fool the boss. Who knows that there are so many applicants now, it has become a synonym for entrepreneurship. 007 一词,则是我提出来的( “river and lake talks” and “internet three don’t ), although it is a direct hook fishing, some people actually believe it, but also intend to try.

Note, don’t interpret these words viciously as “overtime”: besides sleeping at work, where is the time to work overtime?

Code livestock ( Big Data Code Livestock Survival Guide (1) They are circled like scorpions. Three meals and snacks are kept so that they can get rid of the three bad habits of fitness, party and sexual life, and take the company as their home and shame off work. In this way, they can drive a good car while working. Do bosses make a lot of money? In fact, in large companies, let alone say right, 996 is really useless.

First, I declare that all those who take *. Booth’s theory of sleeping for a few hours a day, I directly blacken: partners are open to the infinite future, 007 is natural; and migrant workers are paid according to their work, pushing stones for a lifetime will not have their own pyramids.

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There are two kinds of work: one is mainly about execution, the other is about creativity. If it’s frontier research or artistic creation, it’s obvious that the main task is to stimulate creativity, requiring working hours is quite different. Suppose Bill Gates lets his scientists live together, uniform, report every morning and evening, and give bonuses according to lines of code and papers. This is not Microsoft Research Institute. This is Hengshui Research Institute.

Admittedly, most companies don’t need much creativity. They have to hold a few bones firmly and firmly. It is the kingdom to eat enough first. What they need is the execution of wild dogs.

For delivery projects, execution really depends on less sleep: when Party A’s father comes to you, you have to lick it up, get up earlier than the chicken, sleep later than the chicken, and finish the work in a hurry of thunder. Therefore, 996 is necessary when 2B project is in a tight time, but it is not necessary and can not be normalized.

Why can’t we normalize? From the physiological point of view, if mental workers do not take ICU as their goal, the time they can seriously invest in every day will reach the limit of eight hours. After all, people are not machines, and bosses are not girlfriends. You can’t be bored with what you think. Long-term 996 is a waste of instant noodles and toilet paper. Of course, if your job is just a mechanical job like customer service, prolonged working hours will certainly be effective, but don’t forget that customer service is paid on a piece-by-piece basis.

If you look across the ocean, Google receives $100 billion a year, Apple earns tens of billions of dollars, let alone 996, there are few overtime, and you can still work at home every three or five forks. Obviously, there is no necessary connection between factory-based business success and personal achievement.

Only the Internet companies of China 2C all say that they are the technology enterprises that make money lying on their backs. Knowing that normalization 996 is meaningless, why are they still happy? Faced with such a profound philosophical problem, I thought about several sleepless noons with the smoke ring thrown out by my colleagues. Only then did I discover that 996, which was popular in our country, had several different causes.

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To put it more clearly, the classes you put in are actually victims of the company’s political struggle. 读过《

Such internal competition is the naked hatred. Since you exaggerated Haikou, you had to rush ahead of other teams to build wheels, so you had to work overtime to start 996. The result of 1996 is nothing more than success or failure: if you are a star team and kill your internal rivals, you can get a lot of stocks; but in a failed team, after half a day of work, you have to leave in dismay.

If you join Alibaba, even if the project fails, the return will not be too bad, 996 can be regarded as your lucky reward; but there are more other yard animals, joined Ali’s second grandfather, Ali’s youngest aunt, also in the dark after 996, even the company is yellow, had to clean up the youth years, pay two cents of dust and one cents of water. For them, is 996 still a blessing?

Put the 996ers of success and failure together, on average, you just ate some industry dividends. 996, however, is just an overpayment brought about by the prisoner’s dilemma. If you are unfortunately a failed fighter, you will not leave behind any regretless youth except elevated uric acid and blood lipids.

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In large companies, overcrowding is normal. Is it certain that a large number of people can achieve results? Obviously not! So, a qualified leader, must be coquettish to the boss: we have no merits and pains, no pains and fatigue! How to be coquettish? The boss doesn’t know if he can’t work. Can’t he see if he spends the evening here?

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So the boss goes golfing at four, the vice president goes to the gym at five, the director goes to tea at six, the manager goes to dinner at seven, the group leader orders takeout at eight, and the employees rush out at nine. In the long run, the underlying rules of 1996, as well as “benefits” such as taxi reimbursement and evening meal management, have been formed. Even some bosses are addicted to the hot scene of men’s farming and women’s weaving. They regard the average working hours as an important evaluation index. Who takes a long time to recruit more people?

Some people have said that this is at least a screening role, people who do not accept 996 must also be reluctant to work hard. That’s right, but have you ever thought that people who refuse to work hard, even in 996, still can’t work hard?

In fact, most of the yard animals living in 1996 fill the whole day with empty meetings. After lunch and dinner, they arrange a long march-style walk, and then lazily start coding for the day when the lights start. I asked a few yard animals from different companies, and they told me: I heard that the company was going to implement 996, and I was relieved for a long time – now I can grind the foreign workers with ease!

Sometimes companies have to show off. Only by paying more for electricity, lighting the building in the evening, or sharing a few positive life-changing cases of overtime work from time to time, can your company be considered as not losing entrepreneurship and gain a foothold in China’s Internet.

what? You dare say you just don’t like working overtime? Do you dare to say that your team life is balanced? In today’s political correctness of China’s Internet, just a few self-Media chicken soup, you can spray life can not take care of themselves.

< strong > < strong > one will be unable to fatigue the three armies < / strong > < / strong > >

Forget Zengzi or Bezos: For a project, two pizza teams are too big to feed. Here’s a bloody fact: hardly any star products are made by piles of heads.

Every day in 1996, the team often has such a boss: he worked with the king for many years, by flattering and no bottom line became the feudal officials. One day, just as the Indian army opened fire on the Chinese army in order to celebrate Nehru’s birthday, he deeply asked the team, “Why don’t we boarded the Niulang spaceship and boasted about it, because the big boss is so wise and powerful?” “

Of course, the cadres are in favor of it. After a chicken feather, left behind a group of obscure product managers, day and night to design the Niubi. After an elaborate demonstration, everyone came to the conclusion: “Your ideas are too perfect, but the team ability is insufficient. Let’s make the rocket first!” “

The boss looked contemptuously at the rocket engineer: “This rocket, I think coal has to be burned, coal has to be honeycomb coal, water coal washing is not good. “So, after the team crying and swearing the oath, and under the slogan of”Get up fast and get up early”, 500 people have been in high spirits for half a year in 1996. Finally, the only honeycomb coal-powered rocket in the world has been built. On the day it went online, it was a real hit, and it exploded with a bang!

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At this point, the boss can be anxious: “You people are not desperate!” From tomorrow on, change 007 for me!” How can we not meet such a boss without 996? Even if it’s 996, what’s the fuck?

To sum up, If you abandon the dirty cups in the field of production relations, your team can really achieve clear goals, firm determination, brave soldiers, clear rewards and penalties. In order to achieve the phased product business goals, 996 is indeed tactical. However, in large companies with more than a thousand people, such a situation is not desirable. What’s more, does a team with such strong self-drive need to shout 996 as a slogan?

Innocent yard farmers, don’t think your high salary is 996, it is more industry dividends. When the Internet is gone, you can count as 997, just like today’s brother, to maintain food and clothing. If you can’t change from doing things to treating people, then years of screw years will make you neither have time to improve yourself, nor can you accumulate resources, after rust stains are replaced by new screw.

Innocent middle-level cadres, also do not think that 996 highlights your executive power, in fact, it only exposes your internal strife and business incompetence. If we do not change the cooperative attitude of the first nature of production relations and organize R&D in a way that respects scientific laws, 996 will be useless. So what’s useful, of course 007!

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