Here’s the advertisement. How hard does this girl make up for water?

Girls’pursuit of skin condition is no less than their obsession of losing weight every day. What skin care issues do you care about?

In the field of cosmetology and skin care, there are the following high-browsing questions:

data statistics time: April 3, 2019

(Statistics time: April 3, 2019)

To cultivate a clean face, to improve the skin’s appearance, and to have broken skin, these desires for beauty, skin care is the key word, and “moisturizing” is the basis of skin care.

We often say, “skin care, water first.” Girls have already put “water” into the bone marrow. When skin problems arise, many people will think that the hydration is not done well. A study on Chinese women shows that more than 90% of Chinese women suffer from skin problems every year.

Women aged 15-20 have whelk and are prone to oiling. Women aged 21-25 have large pores and dry skin, which are the main worries. Women aged 26-35 have dark skin and dry skin. In women over 35 years old, the ability of skin to lock water is decreased and the metabolism is slow [1].

Although women of different ages face different skin problems, behind these skin problems, are inextricably linked with hydration and moisturization. Because of the lack of the correct concept of “replenishing water”, many people are actually “filling duck” replenishing water.

What is “duck filling”? We may as well explore from the following four groups of people —.

< strong > filling duck replenishment type 1: replenishing ghosts and livestock players

The ghosts and animals repeat “pat and apply water”.

facial cleanser mask – make-up water – Lotion – essence,

Skin care steps more than 30 minutes, 365 days, daily adherence.

I believe that the number of skin care products stacked determines success or failure.

(Photo Source: Taste the White Paper on Water Supplement in 2019)


2019, a survey on moisturizing water showed that 88% of the respondents used moisturizing water in the most water supplement products. 44% of consumers used the most moisturizing products containing moisturizing milk, and 4% of the consumers used the most moisturizing products containing cream or mask [2]. In terms of mask, there was a significant increase of [3] in March and November. This also shows that “patting and applying water” is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, but there are still some deficiencies in the understanding of water replenishment.

Duck-filling recharge type II: recharge of “problem youth”

Every skin problem is a water pot.

Skin care depends entirely on drinking water, believing in the power of food supplement.

spray away from the hands, work and study are worried.

Feel dry, spray a few times, face capitalized “instant safety”.

The third category of filling duck: counterintuitionists of filling water .


Do not believe in skin feeling, intuition, only believe in the “instantaneous” ingredients.

Nowadays, a large number of constituent parties have emerged to study nicotinamide, tea polyphenols, polypeptide oligophthalein and hyaluronic acid.

They can secrete more dopamine by digging into sophisticated professional terms.

For the moisturizing ingredients of water supplement personally, smear all kinds of grease detection unreliable spectrum…

(Photo Source: China Beauty Fashion Hot Trend Report 2018)

They regard the small face as a “laboratory” and boldly apply various skin care ingredients to their faces.

It is easy to overlook such problems as excessive skin quality and component concentration.

Fourth category: Punk skin care youth VS Buddhist skin care youth .

Buddhist Skin Care: Moisturizing and hydrating are all along the line. Punk Skin Care: Stay up the worst night and fill the most urgent water.

After 22:00, is it you who brushes your cell phone and looks at the punk youth who make up and take care of skin?

21:00-22:00 is the most active time for cosmetics and skin care on social platforms

(Photo Source: Hot Trends Report of Chinese Cosmetic Fashion in 2018)

“strong” soul torture: “the water supply has been made up like this, why do you still do it? ““

Why did you learn the “Eighty-one Moisture Replenishment Formula” and your skin still doesn’t reach the desired state?

This is because many people have a big misunderstanding about water replenishment: duck-filling water replenishment, the understanding of water replenishment stays in the “surface layer”, only passively filling the skin with water.

Following, let’s take stock of the misunderstanding of “duck filling water”:

< strong > 1. Replenish water at all times and over replenish water .

Former Skin Care Product Manager @Torture points out a big mistake: “Overhydration”.

Skin epidermis absorbs more water, called hydration, but when it absorbs too much water, the cells expand and the links between them become loose, that is, excessive hydration. When our skin hydrates excessively, it is easy to accelerate the exfoliation of keratin. It will lead to the formation of new keratin in the future. If the keratin leaves the surface, the skin will lose its barrier, and it is prone to tingling and redness.

2. relies heavily on mask and moisturizing spray to extinguish


Gig, a

stylist, believes that facial mask and moisturizing spray play the role of “replenishing water”, but surface and temporary replenishment may not fundamentally solve the problem. Although the water content of cuticle is increased in the short term, it is easy to volatilize, resulting in drier skin.

< strong > 3. It is easy to have problems with grease and water supplement .


The ingredient party that does not care about skin feeling may use grease to replenish water. Skin-care Daren Luo Xiaoju Friendship Reminder, such as horse oil, sheep oil, all kinds of vegetable oils, as well as chemical refined oils such as mineral oil, mineral fat, glycerin and so on, although it has good moisturizing effect, but it is not suitable for people with imbalanced water and oil.

4. < strong > avoid water supply and moisturizing, or rely on emergency water supply

In fact, it’s the cuticle that lacks water. Hu Xiaobo, a popular skin care science respondent, believes that excessive water shortage prevents the formation of the skin’s outermost barrier, which can lead to skin sensitization, scaling, rough and glossy. Long-term Buddhist skin care is not feasible.

, while another punk water supplement youth, relies on emergency replenishment after staying up late, usually depending on a variety of replenishment mask. “Punk replenishment” is not a permanent solution. Skin needs sleep to recover, not to sleep well. Moreover, the moisture absorbed by the mask is easy to volatilize and unable to replenishment deeply.

Say goodbye to “duck filling” and how does gamma-PGA make skin “self-water”?

“Duck-filling water” is inefficient. Hu Xiaobo, a popular skincare scientist, has made an image metaphor. Passive water replenishment is like pulling a tricycle. People move and the car moves. If people stop, the car doesn’t move. The skin can’t actively absorb and save the water. It is forced to add it only by external means.

So what is “spontaneous water”? Skin care product manager @ Tornado made a summary in place: the concept of self-made water refers to “active water replenishment”. It can not only combine moisturizing ingredients with water, lock water, but also activate the generation of natural moisturizing factors, so as to solve the problem of skin water shortage from the source, so as to achieve penetrating water replenishment.

How to make “self-made water”? NMF natural moisturizing factor is the key, it is a hydrophilic hygroscopic substance, can combine with water, grasp water, maintain the moisture in the cuticle. So you don’t quite understand it, do you?

@ Gigi makes an interesting explanation: NMF acts like a super sponge, attracting water from deep skin and locking it in. Consequently, the water content of the cuticle is maintained and the skin is moist and elastic. Once NMF is lacking, the skin will easily feel dry. Unfortunately, the content of NMF in skin decreases gradually with the damage of sunlight or the increase of age.

In other words, activating NMF natural moisturizing factor can achieve “self-contained water”. So the question arises, how can we activate it?

Here we need a grand introduction of the heavy water recharger – gamma-PGA (gamma-polyglutamic acid). Dr. Sun Yafei has popularized it. It is a kind of poly-amino acid extracted from natto. It has super water absorption capacity and can absorb water 5,000 times its own weight. The effect of water recharge is much higher than that of hyaluronic acid [5].

(Photo Source: Ji Meiping, Pang Yanbo, Fu Lili, Guo Jiufeng, Wang Zhiyong. Progress and Prospect of Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid Gene Engineering [J]. Chinese Journal of Bioengineering, 2016, 36 (6).)

More importantly, gamma-PGA has a distinct advantage in stimulating the body to produce more NMF [6] . Dermatologist @Chen Yulan believes that if the efficiency of gamma-PGA generation can be improved gently, the ability of replenishing water and moisturizing will be generated by itself, rather than simply maintained by foreign substances, that is to say, the concept of “self-produced water” can be achieved. Not only in-depth water retention, but also to enhance the skin’s own water holding capacity, from a variety of levels to help create a tender skin.

AHC has launched a series of G6 moisturizing products with gamma-PGA as the main ingredient. Six kinds of gamma-PGA with different molecular weights are compounded, and endogenous water replenishment is achieved. The double liquid crystal with more moisturizing factors forms a moisturizing film on the skin surface, strengthens the skin barrier function and firmly locks the water.

The last important thing is to say goodbye to “duck filling” three times and promote “self-generating water” of the skin. It’s not a dream to do a good job of basic skin care and to have soft skin that can be broken by blow.


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