Are NBA players the 400 strongest basketball players in the world?

Most of them, and more and more.

But there will always be some fish out of the net, some geeks, wandering outside the NBA. And most of them are attacking geniuses.

Sabonis, for example, was not chosen by the pioneers because of the US-Soviet problems; his knee was destroyed when he arrived, and the Portland media joked that Sabonis was 33 years old and his knee was about 133 years old.

But since the globalization of the NBA, there have been fewer and fewer such examples.

More knights who are not in the NBA are understandable as follows:___________

“Strong” is better to be the monkey king of flowers and fruits than to be a paradise warmer.

First is < strong > rule factor .

After all, the rules of NBA and FIBA are different. Under the FIBA rules, there are three kinds of heroes, which are embarrassing in the NBA: the traditional elders who are not fast but skilled, the small shooters who are not hard but smart enough, and the talented commanders.

In the NBA, they are not fast enough, defensive enough, hard enough. Even if you barely get involved in the NBA, you will not get the status you deserve.

So many NCAA demons can’t get into the NBA. Many FIBA giants and shooters can’t eat in the NBA. But it’s not that they are weak, it’s just that the rules are falling apart.

Then there is the question of acceptance .

The NBA’s foreign players come and go like a cloud, but you will find that there are so many teams that have always favored using foreign players:

Spurs, Mavericks, Jazz, Clippers, Lakers, Raptors, Rockets, Knicks.

This is actually related to their scouts, management thinking and dressing room style.

Spurs, Rockets, Jazz and Mavericks like to use foreign players, which is related to management habits; the Lakers Clipper Raptors Knicks is because big cities are relatively open and inclusive, and it is easier to attract foreign players.

In fact, if you pay a little attention, you will find that Lin Shuhao has played in the top four teams; Bartel in the Spurs, Wang Zhizhi in the Clippers and Mavericks, Yao Ming in the Rockets, Sun Yue in the Lakers, have also played – foreign players open teams, different colors and different cultural backgrounds, will be more tolerant.

That’s a bit sensitive, but not every team in the NBA is so open.

“Don’t introduce me to this Frenchman, and I don’t want to eat waffles; you can give me a shooter with Vicky’s name!” —— That’s what Popovich told Spurs manager Bufford in 2000, who was asking him to watch a video of a teenager named Tony Parker.

Yes, even with the foreign player Tongshen Popovich, at first there was some disagreement with the foreign players.

Then there’s the mood. There are 30 teams in the NBA. Those who can be the boss have the ball rights, and the others have to be role players.

So… Talk about the fate of a typical player:

Drazen Petrovich is invincible in Europe. Over the past four years, he averaged 37.7 points in the Yugoslav League, and 112 points in 33.8 points in Europe, plus the famous 40-for-60 shooting in a single game. In 1986, he had 51 points and 10 assists, and 45 points and 25 assists, the latter being the Italian champion. In the 1989 European League final, he scored 62 points against the then FIBA king, Brazilian Schmidt.

Such a man has been on the trailblazers’bench since he came to the NBA. Half of the pioneers had gliders and Porter’s double satellites, and half because Americans were not used to Europeans at that time. At that time, even the glider could not see: “Every day he trained is the first to come and the last to go. He really works hard!”

It wasn’t until he went to the Nets that Petrovich came to the fore: 20.6 points in 37 minutes, 52 percent of hits, 44 percent of the league’s second three-point percentage, 127 long-range shots throughout the season, and he didn’t make it to the All-Star. Next year, he averaged 22 points per game, the third team of the NBA, but still failed to be included in the All-Star Game. He died in a car accident in 1993 at the age of 28 and was considering leaving the Nets because the Nets did not renew his contract. He was going to Greece because two Greek teams offered him $7.5 million for three years.

So many stars who can come to the NBA to break the world do not come, not necessarily can not play the ball, but lazy to come here crane tail.

Peja was later favored by the king because of Divac’s help to him.

Rudy Fernandez entered rookie two in the first year of the NBA and played well, but then returned to Spain.

Theodosic was invincible in Europe and finally came to the NBA to play. Clipper fans are willing to admit that he played well at the offensive end, but after all, he was not as free as he was in Europe, so it was better to go back.

AK47 played very well in Utah, but his relationship with Sloan was not so harmonious because of his lack of integration into the system.

For example, Freddite who left the NBA, such as Sabonis, Ribraca and Shevyde who later returned to Europe, such as Holden, an American who played in Europe for a long time, such as Navarro, king of Spain, and Jaskovis, king of Europe: their offensive ability can play in the NBA, but they can’t play first cards; as role players, their offensive effectiveness can’t match the defensive problem.

So it’s better to go to a small league and have a world of its own.

So when we watch the U.S. team playing FIBA, we sometimes wonder, “Hey, who’s so good opposite? Why didn’t we get into the NBA? / Not in the NBA?

Sometimes people don’t fit in with the rules of the NBA. Sometimes people don’t want to go to the NBA. The NBA of course contains a lot of heroes, but only a few positions can be used, or need a larger number of role players.

So there are a lot of deviant geniuses, so away from the NBA.

For example, Marbury in 2010, has it really reached the point where the NBA is a guard who is better than him? Not necessarily.

But he still came to China and made another effort.

No matter how magnificent the temple is, there is always a knight-errant in the world that “since you can’t go to the NBA as the top card, you’d better be the boss in the small league”.

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