A huge hidden rule of the automotive industry, so inadvertently poked out

“strong” is also concerned about the attitude of Mercedes-Benz and the small probability of engine oil leakage, a huge industry latent rule, inadvertently, was barreled out – financial service fees.

Everyone who watches and eats melons will inevitably pluck their hair when they go to 4S shops to buy a car.

< strong > The recording begins in 7 minutes and 30 seconds:

Blockquote > < strong > 4S stores lure loans at low interest rates when women owners are clear that they can pay the full amount. < strong > < br > < br > < strong > After the woman owner has paid the down payment, she tells her that she has to pay another 15,000 fees for financial services, and that she can’t swipe her card and can only send a Wechat to her private account. < br> < br > < strong > female car owners have objections, directly cooled for 20 minutes, no one knows. The key to

is that there is no invoice after payment, only receipt. The most interesting thing is that the receipt does not cover the stamp of 4S store.

It happens that half a month ago, I just wrote: .

Nan Xiaopeng: They are all traps: Why do 4S stores strongly recommend buying cars by stages?

What the hell is the < strong > fee for financial services?

The fee for financial services is illegal from the date of its birth, so it is impossible to swipe the card and not to give invoices.

Of course, this money also fell into the hands of banks (including manufacturers’financial companies) and did not give manufacturers, but 4S stores themselves, which is one of the well-known secrets in the industry.

What financial services do you have? No service, really.

Think of ways to get money out of your pocket for items like licensing fees and rape bags.

Should I tell you the cost of licensing? 120 yuan, they usually charge 3000-5000 yuan.

What is a rape bag? If you want to buy a car from me, you have to add this accessory package, including film stickers, footpads, traffic recorders and so on. They usually charge 13,000-20,000 yuan, what about the cost? Usually between 1500 and 2000 yuan.

When the user is a fool! If you don’t agree, they won’t sell you a car.

Write in the car purchase contract in detail? Yes, all kinds of “voluntary”, paper contract you can not take away, can only take a picture.

invoice? That’s impossible. In fact, this way of making money is not illegal after 4S research. Sales said that you can go to the business complaints casually, and you are not afraid to fight a lawsuit. Lawyers can not win them, as long as you sign your name.

Routines are played very skillfully, ordinary car owners at this time is a vulnerable group, but a very weak one.

To tell the truth, it’s so difficult to buy a car, especially a full car.

In addition, remember what we calculated in our previous article, the so-called “financial fees” will make your loan cost rise, how much?

< strong > are all latent rules of the industry

At present, there are two parts in the revenue of domestic new car sales. One is the difference between purchase and sale of vehicles. As we all know, 4S sells new cars at a loss (some models are profitable).

Why sell at a loss?

On the one hand, firms are under great pressure on inventory and capital. On the other hand, no discount, who will buy, consumers have learned to compare prices on the Internet.

Others drop 10 points, so let’s drop 12 points. That’s how customers are cheated. Well, let’s cheat first.

Next, it’s the turn of value-added business, including financial services, licensing, insurance and so on.

Few people know that the annual real interest rate of installment payment is above 6%.

Few people know that when a new car is insured at 4S, a 60% Commission will be withdrawn.

“I don’t know this is a service fee, what is the service? Why should I pay this service fee?” According to the logic of 4S shop, you don’t need to know too much, anyway, you can pay the money.

Complaint to the manufacturer? Manufacturers do accept it, but brands like BBA, some 4S stores and manufacturers wear a pair of pants, or even have shares, are default operations.

Some stores have good sales performance, and manufacturers will not offend 4S stores for one customer.

Shop big will cheat customers, can cheat one is one.

There are two reasons why < strong > 4S stores do this. One is tax avoidance, the other is that they don’t have to share money with the upper class and the car factory.

Customers who buy high-end models are generally easy to talk about and don’t care about, so 4S stores are used to doing so today.

This situation is slightly better for middle and low-end brands, even if they charge arbitrarily, there is competition from other stores.

Is it really useless to complain?

Article 10 of Chapter II of
stipulates that distributors shall, in appropriate forms, express the prices of selling automobiles, spare parts and other related products and the charging standards for various services in their business premises, and shall not sell or charge additional fees in addition to the marked prices.
Article 14 of Chapter II Suppliers and distributors shall not restrict the location of consumers’household registration and the suppliers and after-sales service providers of automobile accessories, supplies, finance, insurance and rescue products to consumers, except for the parts and services used in the “three-package” service and recall of household automobile products at the expense of suppliers. When dealers sell cars, they may not force consumers to buy insurance or provide them with services such as vehicle registration.
Violations of the relevant provisions of these Measures shall be ordered to make corrections by the competent local commercial departments at or above the county level, and may be given warnings or fines of 30,000 yuan .

Well, when does the fine of 30,000 yuan drizzle turn into 300,000 or even 3,000,000 yuan, who dares to play with consumers like monkeys?

Why did the customer become a disadvantaged group ?

The reason why some 4S stores are so rampant is that supervision is not in place, because monopoly, because

The high-end brand 4S stores represented by BBA, in fact, have price alliances in the same city.

Customer choices are very small:___________

1. Lao Zi did not buy it;

2. Pay the money well;

3. If you don’t want to be “raped”, you will accept higher car prices.

Actually 2 and 3 are the same results. Some 4S shop sales consultant, TeiNiu, even directly said that they disagreed, that car, I will not sell you.

As long as it’s not broken, the money will be paid back in peace of mind.

Thank this lady and sister for pulling this out. I hope to take this opportunity to solve the problem systematically.

Otherwise, once the hotspot has passed, who will go to see the wandering master now?

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