Small things. Things worth fighting for all your life

“On one occasion, the church shared with each other about their vacation experience in turn. It was my girlfriend’s turn. She said she met a miracle on her way to Vancouver.

What’s the matter? Three of them drove to Vancouver to attend a girlfriend’s wedding. The car suddenly broke down in the steepest part of the Rocky Mountains and could not hit it. None of them knows much about cars. It’s freezing cold and few of them pass that road. Three girls get out of the car, hand in hand, and pray in a circle: God, repair our car so that we can safely arrive in Vancouver tonight.

After the prayer, the three of them were in a much better mood. It was a small half-moon Lake beside the highway, knee-deep snow on the frozen lake. They thought it was beautiful, so they locked their cars and went to the lake. They sang, danced, laughed, made trouble, and never thought about the car. When they had done their best, the three people felt a little cold. Back in the car, the three men looked at each other. They tried to start the car again. This time the car hit. That night, they arrived in Vancouver safely.”

The teacher said this and looked at me meaningfully.

I don’t believe it. I asked him what engineers like us would need if prayer was useful.

He said it was probably true. But he didn’t think it was a miracle. Their car was Chevrolet’s first super-compact car, basically stuffing all Chevrolet’s cheapest accessories into a super-small chassis. There must be a problem with heat dissipation. Usually in the city can not see, but at high speed, 34,000 turn on for a few hours, the engine will certainly overheat. Even if they don’t pray and wait in the car for an hour, the car will be all right.

“I told them that it was not a miracle, it was common sense. But they don’t believe it. They say my beliefs are not firm. The more they talked, the more anxious they were, the more they almost quarreled. Later, my girlfriend broke up with me. “

When the master said this, he sighed, looked ahead empty-eyed and said to himself, “Is she married? How beautiful she was then. I don’t know where she is now, nor her last name. When you get married, you have to change your husband’s surname.

Master is a legend in our factory. According to reason, there must be many rules and regulations in the factory area of the world’s top 300 enterprises with more than 10,000 employees. But our factory in the electrical aspect, or my master has the final say. Thirty-five years of service, our factory’s rules and regulations management system has changed more than a dozen sets, but he is still making a speech. If he knows anything, he must listen to him. Attend a meeting? Okay, an hour later, he can talk for an hour and a half, and no one else can put in a word. Send emails? All right. He can extend what half a sheet of paper can say clearly to five sheets of paper, plus various colorful illustrations. This is called information bombing, which is a dimensionality reduction attack on your IQ. “Don’t you want to install a power supply? Okay, let me tell you, do you have to think about this one, two, three, four? How do you solve May 678? Uh huh? Uh huh? Why do you just nod and don’t talk?

It’s not that we don’t want to say anything, but that’s all he has to say. There’s really nothing to say.

Teacher’s strength is well known in our factory. The trainee engineer sees him hiding far away, just like a mouse sees a cat. Why? Once a trainee engineer made a slight mistake when drawing wiring diagram. He installed the protective device downstream of the switch. In theory, it can still work, but after the protection device is switched off, the downstream equipment is safe, but the protection device itself is powered off, so that we do not know what the fault is. This is a common mistake made by inexperienced young engineers, but the master scolded the man in front of us for ten minutes. It is hard to imagine the vulgarity of the language. All the guys were scolded and crying. Later, the teacher told me that he had cursed more than a dozen people like that. What’s wrong with crying? You can cry to show you know you’re bad. If he doesn’t quit his job and studies modestly for a few years, he will learn it. What he feared most was that he was bright, lazy and gluttonous. He had nothing to do, and he always thought he could do anything.

I’ve been fooling around with my master for six years. In fact, at first, the teacher did not take me alone. Over the years, I know more than three or four. I am not the smartest, the most talkative, the hardest, or even the most beautiful. I don’t know how to mix it up and leave me alone. The master announced that he would retire next year. In the future, he would give me all the electrical matters in the factory. Privately, the factory leader told me that my main goal this year was to dig out what was in the mentor’s mind. Not only do we need to know what he knows, we’d better think like him.

This is a joke. Clones can’t clone memories. How can I become my master?

My teacher is the smartest and calmest person I have ever met. My teacher’s education level is only high school graduation; his skills are almost self-taught. Before he decided to retire, he seldom talked to our younger generation about things other than work. For example, “God help us fix the car,” he would never have told us before, let alone during office hours. He’s very cunning!

He was afraid that I would learn too fast. If a cat teaches a tiger, does it have to keep the ability to climb trees? He’s mixing water. He retired gloriously. When I met something I couldn’t do, I had to consult him modestly. This old fellow is better than a monkey.

However, he poured more water, and I can understand this strange old man more and more. He was moody and happy. He often laughed at the pig’s cry, but when he was angry, he glared at his pair of cow’s eyes. His head was blown like a jellyfish, and his voice was like a running thunder. He never stopped scolding himself for being out of breath. The director couldn’t stop him when he came.

On a holiday, the factory leaves work early. I invited him to a small bar next to the factory for a beer. Drinking and drinking, he looked out of the window at the flames running out of our factory torch and began to talk to himself.

“Do you know when the last dead man in our factory was? Yes, ten years ago. A forklift driver. Driving a car and playing with a cell phone, he fell into the ditch and died.

How about going further? Thirty years ago, I was as old as you are now.

The triennial overhaul has just been completed and the whole venue is anxious to resume operation. My master took me to debug the equipment. I walked to the control room and found that I had forgotten to take the drawings. The master asked me to go back to the office to get it. He was waiting there. When I came back, I watched the accident happen.

A worker was running out of the factory with fire all over his body, and his voice was like a ghost screaming for his life. The people around came, but they didn’t know what to do. People want to get close, but they are afraid of burning themselves; they want to run, but they can’t bear to see their companions burned alive. Therefore, we have always maintained that distance with him, helpless. We all wanted to do something, but nobody remembered where the fire extinguisher was. Everyone ran around like chickens with their heads pulled off. It happened so suddenly.”

The master took a big gulp of beer, looked at his palm, and continued.

” Two days later, the accident investigation was almost complete, and all levels of government materials were collected. The factory leader asked me when I could restore the power supply in the factory area as soon as possible. I can’t answer. I had to go to the scene again. One power supply box, one power supply box, one inch cable, one inch cable. Which burns, which can still be used, one by one remember. Walking to a corner, I suddenly found a boot. Very familiar. Coming closer, there was a foot in it. Blood stains blackened the surrounding soil, and white bones protruded. That’s my master’s foot. Then, we searched for months after months, and finally it was confirmed that his body had been found by us. But how to spell can’t spell a person. “

“After that, I felt that something like this could not happen again. Do you know what it smells like to be burned alive? Haha, it’s almost like roast chicken, but it’s like roast. What I fear most is that voice. Until today, I often dream of that scene at night. When the master waited for me to get the drawings, the control room misoperated, the explosion occurred, the master disappeared instantly, and the flames engulfed the workers around him. The explosion, the wailing, the burning crackling of the bodies were terrible.

“Boy, do you know why you stayed? The factory leader asked me how your child was. I said you weren’t so good. You’re like me, you look dull and you don’t talk much. But you’re patient with what you’ve given you and with people.”

The master raised his head, drank all the beer in his glass and belched loudly. Looking at me again, he said:

” Do you know? Actually, I don’t have to be a jerk these years. I can’t help it. I was scared. I fear that if I neglect, I will see another accident like that. I don’t want to see burned people anymore. I want to pick up people who are blown up and don’t know how many pieces. That’s my nightmare. It’s my war. They’ll be with me all their lives. Let me work here for only one day, and there will never be peace. After that, these are your wars. I hope you will never experience what I have experienced. You’re a good boy. We’ve made some mistakes, so you don’t have to make any more. “

Recently, I have been thinking, what kind of person is calm?

Is it calm to see a flesh-and-blood man like my master? Can a teacher’s ex-girlfriend calm down by relying on God in everything like that? Are the bullies who don’t mix with the world calm in their eyes?

I don’t think so.

It’s hard to keep calm when people are alive. Human beings have evolved to this day, and have long been accustomed to exerting themselves in the direction of minimal resistance and living in the easiest way. We go to school, find a job, earn money, get married, have children, do our best to give our children the best, and then watch the children go to school, work, earn money, get married, have children. Are these the results of our calm plan? In fact, there are few moments of calm or panic, and most of our situations are the result of a long drift with the tide.

The so-called man without foresight must have immediate worries. Calm, because we have found something worthy of our struggle in this life, because we have taken on a very important mission. Only in this way, in the face of temptation will not lose direction, frustration will not give up so soon.

The strong people you envy are not born calm, they will be tempted, they will be weak. It’s just that you can’t see their mission; you can’t feel the weight they’re carrying, and you can’t see their struggle.

I’m not a strong person, and I just feel it when I see this question on the timeline. When I first worked, I was as confused as you. I used to feel that what I did was meaningless; that doing a job I didn’t love was wasting my life. More than once I have thought about resigning and wanting to see the world.

But what do I want to do after I resign? Do you write soft text from the media? Do you do e-commerce? Is it a real estate agent? Do you change to programming? These jobs seem even more meaningless. Although the present job is boring and trivial, I learn something new every day. Although this process is very painful, as my ability gradually strengthens, I also seem to feel more and more the sense of mission of my master’s generation. It’s a call to give up who I am and have to take it seriously. I’m glad I’ve stuck to it. At that time, I was so bad that I couldn’t match my present job at all, and naturally I didn’t realize the significance of it.

The relationship between us and our work is very delicate. When we choose careers, careers also choose us. In terms of the talents and opportunities of ordinary people, no matter what job they do in their life, they will not love it.

Most people are doomed to achieve nothing from birth; no one will remember us a hundred years after death. Our name, our profession, our heritage, everything about us will have no meaning. What we have is the past few decades, these two and thirty thousand days. If we can’t find a few things to pass the time, how long will these two thirty thousand days be?

I hope you can find out as soon as possible what is worth fighting for all your life.

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