Hu Bo: a suicide young director and his last time

2018 in February 16th, the first day of the lunar new year, the film “the elephant sat on the floor” held the world premiere in Berlin. This is the Berlin Film Festival forum unit only a Chinese director’s work, the official praised it as “a visual impact, nuanced portrait of a egoistic society”, and awarded the International Film Critics Award than fee.


movie lasted nearly 4 hours, and almost 300 of the audience did not leave. After the screening, the director’s mother came to the stage and made a brief speech: “I arrived at the movie festival today, and I felt very sad and pleased. The pain is that my son has lost his young life for an elephant. It’s gratifying that the elephant can be shown at the Berlin Film Festival.

more than four months ago, “the elephant sat on the floor” director Hu Bo died in Beijing hanged himself, only 29 years old. “The elephant sat on the floor” is his first feature film, also became his last movie. A lot of people through his Dutch act was the first time that the name Hu Bo, he quickly became a symbol, carrying people on each bosom of the block in chest.

Hu Bo died, the author interviewed more than twenty people, including his parents, friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers, colleagues and crew, to watch the “elephant” sat on the floor 4 hour and 2 hour version version. The sage is gone, and every suicidal man will leave behind secrets and legends. But the anger expression in his works is traceable in the internal and external difficulties that he faced in his short life.

this article has not been published for “the GQ of the Zhi nationality”, and has been agreed to start the real story plan.


In October 12th of

2017, Wang Lei cooked a meal at home and wanted to ask Hu Bo to come and eat together. 他们是新认识不久的朋友,是同行,聊天又投契,经常聚在一起。 Hu Bo was a single man who lived alone in a two – bedroom apartment. Every day he had to eat outside, or take out, and the refrigerator was filled with all kinds of frozen food. Since two people moved to the same community outside Beijing’s five rings, Wang Lei often called Hu Bo to eat at home.

WeChat does not return, the phone does not answer, Wang Lei decided to go to Hu Bo’s home to look for. He had the key to Hu Bo’s house, because Hu Bo always forgot the key and put a spare part in him. Open the door, no one, there is nothing in the house. Wang Lei called another friend to ask if two people were together. He walked out and walked out the fire door in the corridor. He saw Hu Bo hanging there. He said to his cell phone, “Hu Bo hangs up.”

The white rope of

is tied to the 16 staircase armrest that leads to the 17 floor and goes down to the 15 floor. This building has 18 floors, a staircase two households, usually very few people take the stairs. Hu Bo’s door to the door did not live at that time, Wang Lei came across the intermediary to bring people to the door to see the house, but no one found. Wang Lei immediately called the police, when the police and the ambulance arrived, Hu Bo was confirmed dead on the spot.

news quickly spread, a lot of students and friends came, the police blocked the scene, everyone gathered in the downstairs. The corpse was put in a white bag and towed to the car, and someone could not help crying and most of the people were silent.

no one knows the cause of Hu Bo’s death, only to hear the scene of a more than 40 year old woman, loudly to the people around Hu Bo said: this boy drink ah, this kid. Ah, this guy harassing US actress, brokers are reported to me here.

she is Liu Xuan, the producer of “the elephant” sat on the floor. In 2016, Liu Xuan saw Hu Bo’s screenplay at the FIRST film exhibition in Xining, which was introduced to her husband and famous director Wang Xiaoshuai. The two people’s company’s winter and spring film industry decided to invest in the film, which gave Hu a chance to direct his first long film. The film was filmed in early 2017, and the post – production was deadlocked, and Hu Bo once thought he would lose his own debut:

finished the film for a whole year, and in the end, no frame of the picture belonged to me, and I couldn’t protect it. It was eliminated by the external force. (Hu Bo, August 26, 2017, postscript for “bullfrog”)

Second days after the death of

, the FIRST Film Festival issued an obituary, mourning the young director, and saying, “the police scene investigation preliminarily ruled out the possibility of criminal cases”, except for Hu Bo. Subsequently, the autopsy report issued by the police confirmed that there was no alcohol or drugs in Hu Bo’s blood. Hu Bo’s parents rushed to Beijing from his hometown in Ji’nan and refused to dissect the corpse and further examine the proposal.

After the news of

Hubo’s suicide, the Netizens found his personal micro-blog. This is a account which only sent 132 micro-blog accounts. Most of the messages are only a bit. But after October 12th, the number of messages on the front page has increased to 4000, and the number of micro-blog forwarding has nearly 10 thousand times. It was September 3, 2017, Hu Bo wrote:

this year, a two book, took a piece of art, wrote a new book, took the Copyright Royalties of twenty thousand, the film is not a penny, girlfriend also ran, after several months to write a letter to the past “sick sick”. Today, the ants are not able to lend money, but they can’t be borrowed. The key is that everyone around you also thinks you’re lucky, CTMD.

has recently been drinking with a friend, for a month, he taught me a girl, fee old strength is useless, a critical moment from across the front of a supercar. He said: “this is a matter of minutes”. Really awesome, the year of graduation, to pick up the dog forced horror film, now I also modified the exhaust tube across the street. In the next few years, I had to save money to buy my first movie copyright, and two super run money to make art films. It’s hard to stop selling drugs.

then took a movie and got the book. It looked as busy as the salted fish, but you had to cook the frozen dumplings at home as long as they didn’t eat with their friends.

Met a young pioneer bookstore in Nanjing before

, I said you don’t make a movie, not writing, people think I’m hurting him. So in order not to harm people, I think even if we want to do art related work, art and music will be better. At least, we can decorate ourselves and feel better, even if we want to dance.

, when those guys are playing the net play, they write a commercial script, they eat and drink in the sea, they say, “you are lucky.” I really envy you. I really want to take out the chisels and axe I collect.

can’t do anything, can’t go anywhere, and receive “nausea and nausea”. MMP you’re nauseous. You are illiterate.

looked at Xu Haofeng’s updated blog more than a month ago. I stared at the sentence “the stupidity of the memory, the grief of a thousand miles” for half an hour. It is not because of the “sadness of a thousand miles” at that time, that when we realized this sentence, everything was unchanging. Even in the early years, even if we knew this truth, we wouldn’t believe it. In March, I heard of several suicides when I was in the drama group. I didn’t feel much at that time. When I didn’t find my movie in half a year, it was all over.

people are very young when they are young. They don’t believe anything. They are old enough to believe nothing.

, after leaving hair, also began to lose his hair. At the same time, the Buddha beads, the big gold chain and the tea set were all ready.

was almost the most abundant narration of Hu Bo’s life at that time. Many media reports focused on Hu Bo’s economic status, suggesting Hu Po suicide might be unbearable because of “life embarrassment”. Hu Bo quickly became a symbol, carrying people on each bosom of the block in chest.


| director Hu Bo

A few days later,

began to spread a screenshot of Hu and Wang Xiaoshuai’s WeChat dialogue on the Internet, and Wang Xiaoshuai told Hu Bo, “the long version was bad and bad. Have you got it?… Do you think people are idiot can not see your superficial things that want to express?” Wang Xiaoshuai served as producer of “the elephant” sat on the floor, the focus of media reports soon transferred to the two different artistic ideas, as well as the film industry distribution of power.

but soon, the screenshot was deleted. Wang Xiaoshuai’s wife, Liu Xuan, was contacted by a reporter, but she refused the interview, only expressing the hope of “the dead rest”.


, “there is an elephant in the circus of Manchuria. Its mother has been sitting there. Someone may have stuck it with a fork, or it may like to sit there, so many people run over, holding the railing to see what someone has thrown away, and it doesn’t care.”

” begins with a personal elephant sat on the floor of the monologue, is without rhyme or reason. It looks like a man about 30 years old, small and small. It seems to be a part of the 90s, with a cigarette in his mouth and a dry mouth. He sat in front of a window, lying next to a half naked woman, but the gloomy picture and the slanting angle made one feel less than half a desire. Men and women when they speak, eyes no communication, rather than dialogue, rather than talking.

woman: “you go away.”

man: “I’ll go again at night.”

woman: “No.”

man: “why?”

woman: “I have to report to the unit and may have a meeting in the afternoon.”

man: “you have a cigarette, sometimes with the lips of the skin, then there will be blood on the butt, see?”

woman: “so?”

man: “because you didn’t give me water just now.”

woman: “I really have to go.”


film did not deal with the two people’s dialogue, and the director was not in a hurry to explain to the audience what happened to the two. Hu Bo propelling the lens, the face close-up occupies the large part of the picture, which he uses to make the audience feel the psychology of the characters directly. The desolate world, the indifferent people, the understanding difficult to achieve, this temperament in the film.

man was named in the city, and he went to bed with his own man’s woman, and he was found to have jumped the stairs and killed himself. But in his love story, he didn’t see any regrets. He didn’t even want to pick up the mess with a woman. So far, he didn’t seem to care what, what all not afraid, a nobody, in nowhere. But after that, it was the story of the “loss” and “escape” of three people in tandem in a single day.

Webb, senior high school students, his good friend stole the school bully is branded mobile phone as a friend, Webb did not accidentally bully head down the stairs, people were badly hurt, might die at any time. The crowd besieged, Webb fled the school.

Huang Ling, Webb love girl, and her alcoholic mother living in school, she and Dean had a secret relationship between teachers and students. But she can’t get any consolation from anyone, the romance has become a well-known scandal, and the city has no place for her.

old gold, Webb’s neighbor, his dwelling in its own balcony, my daughter to buy the school district room on the grounds, to take him to the nursing home. There was only one old dog to accompany him. The old gold and zhuidu Webb. A dispute, the old man’s son-in-law timid and overcautious at the door, the old gold only to roam.

a series of life trifles that make three people become outsiders in their lives, and they have to flee. In the day of escaping, they have been losing.

” | stills elephant sat on the floor

Webb home ready to escape, found himself saved gift money to be unemployed father at home. He wanted to find her grandmother to hide, but he found that her grandmother had died alone at home. In order to get enough of the fare, he put his favorite ball to old gold and then hit Huang Ling with the instructing director. He was dissatisfied with his friends who had been stigmatized to steal a cell phone, and then a friend admitted that he did steal the cell phone. He even managed to scrape up enough money, was replaced by a fake ticket scalper.

Huang Ling did not know how to face the rapid spread of the scandal, her mother still only abuses, the lover to seek self-protection to leave alone. In the face of the wife of the instructing director who came to the door, she was at a loss and left home.

old gold was shut out by his family, and his old dog was killed by another dog. Lao Jin found the owner of the dog, but was humiliated by them as the money.

at the end of the day, three outsiders finally boarded the bus to Manchuria, they want to see the elephants, sit on the floor.


2017 Spring Festival, Hu Bo with the crew of a pedestrian in Hebei Jingxing, after a simple ceremony, began filming “the elephant” sat on the floor.

Jingxing is located in the west of Hebei Province, and adjacent to Shanxi, here once covered large and small coal mines, is the history of the famous “hundred years of coal”. But since the 80s of last century, coal mine resources have gradually dried up, leaving many collapsing land and cracked houses. Hu Bo selected Jingxing, and because of the haze here, the winter was especially serious, and the sky was always grey. The elephant in Hu Bo’s mind is that kind of tone.

but after the crew arrived, the air quality in Jingxing was obviously better, and it was sunny day every day. In order to catch the desired color, Hu Bo can only grab the beat. It was more than 5 in the morning, before the sun came out, and then more than 3 p.m., and at dusk, only the light of the two periods was dark.


filmmakers took a total of 30 days to shoot in the winter and spring film industry, and then dropped to 25 days. When the time was urgent, Hu also decided to complete the shooting with long shots, not to allow mistakes, and Hu Bo used the time of daytime to rehearse. When he started the shooting, he was always behind the monitor, often running in a small way, so that the mistakes could be corrected in time.

and his request for light, Hu hope that the actor’s performance is not “color”. In the film, a friend in the city jumped to the floor, and his friend’s mother came to the scene, standing downstairs and looking up to see his son leaping down the balcony. In the script, the mother had only one line, three words: “too high.” At first, the actor said the line was crying and was corrected many times by Hu Bo, and he asked the actor to speak without any emotion. Hu Bo said: cat and dog died, you will be so sad, but people die you don’t say that.

this is the first feature film director Huber, crew members also were younger men, always encounter problems when shooting.

has a key play, originally supposed to be taken at the Jingxing Railway Station, but was stopped by the railway station manager. The play could not be deleted, nor could it be changed. Hu Bo took the members of the play and ran to the Shijiazhuang Railway Station to take a candid camera. They put the camera in the bag, followed the actor, did not take the actor’s prescribed action, and took the real dialogue between the actor and the spot conductor. This operation was actually banned, but luckily Hu Bo succeeded.

The greater difficulties of

came from Hu Bo and producer Liu Xuan’s game. During the interview, I got a document titled “death of the young director”. A friend of Hu Bo found it from his computer after his death. The date of his writing is unknown. In it, Hu Bo said, “

boot, the company for my shooting mode was seriously disturbed, daily monitoring material I have taken, and by the threat of “all the time for the director to make me compromise (usually other film production situation is, as long as completed, no error on time the company will not comment, things are complicated huge pressure field I have no), listen to their advice, the first single log by counterfeiters to cover up, they have been found in a week later, for the director will affect the production, so give up.

shot fourth days because of heavy snow weather affected the progress of the work, the company threatened me to ask antecedents and consequences shoot every day not to finish the film for the director “. And in the follow-up production with the director of the production of many times deceived me, “the scene is not a problem,” I have been lagging for a few days to know to save money.


was filmed in the middle and later stage, the producer suddenly came to the crew, which seriously influenced the working rhythm of the group. He thought I made an unreasonable shooting schedule, but at that time, I completed the eighty percent movie content within the stipulated date.

2017 in March 14th, “the elephant” sit up smoothly. Then it goes into the post – production stage, editing, coloring, and soundtrack. If everything goes well, Hu will immediately have his own real debut.

” | stills elephant sat on the floor

Hubo quickly finished the editing, and it was not a difficult thing for him. Early before the shooting, he had made up his mind, “the elephant” sat on the floor will be a long shot entirely in the film. A play a long shot, long shot, the material placed in the clip on the film is a good.

Wang Xiaoshuai, who supervised by

, thought the risk was too great for a young director who didn’t have any long experience. He still persuaded Hu Bo to give up until a few days before filming. At the sight of Hu Bo’s insistence, Wang Xiaoshuai suggested that at least one alternative regular position should be added in case. After the film was opened, the guarantee was quickly abandoned by Hu Bo. In order to catch up with the progress, Hu Bo decided to mobilize the crew of all the resources to take the elephant he wanted, not to be selected, nor to retreat.

“cut it out”, and only a ten day time, Hu Bo announced. Wang Xiaoshuai and Liu Xuan went to see them cheerfully. After seeing them, they told Hu Bo that they were not at all. They had to be cut again.

Hubo felt embarrassed, but it took a month to re edit a version of about 2 hours. In this version, the script is set in a story from morning to night. In order to compress the time, Hu Bo’s long shot was cut and reassembled, so he had to join many subtitles of “a month or a month” to make a transition. The movie really long short, but did not make the “elephant” into a wonderful drama, fragmented clips dilute the character’s emotion, unique temperament originally by the blank, hesitation, pause and silence the foil does not exist, the most touching part of the film without.

, however, a former employee of winter spring recalls that Wang Xiaoshuai and Liu Xuan had seen the 2 hour version and felt “at last,” finally, huppo continued to complete the editing according to this idea. At this time, Hu Bo did not do it.


4 hour version of the “elephant” by Wang Xiaoshuai and Liu Xuan sat on the floor after the negation of Hu Bo himself, to doubt the film quality. He was not willing to be reconciled, so he sent the film to some professional people and wanted to hear their opinions, including Liao Qingsong.

Liao Qingsong, known as Liao Sang, Taiwan’s famous editors, to maintain cooperative relations and Hsiao-Hsien Hou, in the acclaimed “riding” for blood, “August”, “twenty-two” films such as editing work from his hand. In 2014, Hu Bo met him at the Jinma Film Academy in Taiwan.

“elephant” crew keeper Yuri Huang said in early May 2017, Hu Bo surrendered 2 hours cut soon after, Liao Qingsong received a reply. Liao Qingsong praised Hu’s 4 – hour version of Hu, which was excited by Hu Bo and “confirmed his intuition.”

Hu immediately found Liu Xuan and asked to return to the 4 – hour version. In the Beijing Office of the winter and spring film industry, two people had a violent quarrel. Liu Xuan made a clear rejection of Hu Bo’s request, but let him continue to cooperate with his later work.

5 28, on the Dragon Boat Festival, Wang Xiaoshuai, Liu Xuan invited everyone to dinner, Hu Bo also put forward a return to the 4 – hour version of the request. Wang Xiaoshuai refuses again, and Hu Bo retorts on the spot: are you just interfering in my creation?

Liu Xuan stood up, pointing at Hu Bo and scolding, “you make it clear, who interferes with you?” If you want to say that, you are a silly X! Do you think about your project at FIRST, who did you? Without us, can you have today?

, who was there at the time, recalled that Liu Xuan had been scolding for a long, long time. Everyone was shocked. Wang Xiaoshuai didn’t stand up to stop her. Hu Bo didn’t respond. He didn’t respond to a sentence. I had contacted Wang Xiaoshuai and Liu Xuan for evidence many times, but I didn’t get a reply.

this is not the first time Hu heard Liu Xuan’s abuse. When shooting in Jingxing, Hu Bo because of the site and the production team have a dispute, Liu Xuan made a call to the crew, let the staff put the mobile phone in the ear Hu wave, a good scolding, Hu Bo also just close your eyes and not say a word. At the celebration dinner held in Beijing, Liu Xuan took all sorts of problems during the shooting period, as well as the table and the crumb.


| director Hu Bo

This dinner

Dragon Boat Festival, Hu Bo to leave early. After that night, Hu Po ran to the office of the winter and spring film industry to secretly copy the material, but was found by Liu Xuan. Liu Xuan confiscated Hu Bo’s key, locked the door of the editing room, and said to the company, “I don’t do this movie. If the movie is selected for any movie festival, I will refuse,” I will not go.

Hu began to actively contact other film companies, hoping to find someone to buy the film from the winter and spring film industry. The budget of the movie is 900 thousand, the actual cost is 730 thousand, and the opening price of winter and spring is 3 million 500 thousand, of which “Wang Xiaoshuai’s supervision fee is 2 million”, which is difficult for Hu Bo to accept.

I signed the contract director

, pre production fee of nine hundred thousand, the whole filming process, without considering the quality only consider money, resulting in a large number of scenes and actors can choose according to the director, so the production cost control in seven hundred and thirty thousand, depending on the quality loss into production costs, the twenty percent sense, the money saved to do? One hundred and seventy thousand of the provinces are not used for post production.

, the most puzzled thing about the whole process is that if the purpose is to save money, why did I persuade me to refuse another company to shoot the movie in August? Do not take a penny without spending it?

After entering the late stage of

, the company didn’t recognize my original editing version, and hit my self-confidence through half a month’s humiliation and suppression. After that, I spent two months cutting out the version they had approved.

at the end of May, I will be two versions of that which does not reflect the movie I have taken with the original intention, this version to the company, but they don’t give any leeway to refuse my request, at the same time “to bring three million and five hundred thousand, you take this movie.” I know the cost is only seven hundred and thirty thousand, and I ask, “why is three million and five hundred thousand?” They replied, “because of the cost of supervision and the operating expenses of the company”. (Hu Bo, death of a young director)

no one wants to pick up the plate. Half a month later, Hu Bo told a friend that he was ready to find a new communication between the winter and spring film industry: “to install grandson, otherwise the film will be gone.” He apologized to Wang Xiaoshuai and Liu Xuan respectively, and said he would cooperate fully with the 2 – hour version. “The only idea is to keep a director editing version.”

Wang Xiaoshuai replied, “if you cooperate with us for two hours, please don’t cooperate with me, because I respect director, but I don’t respect a director’s idea. You are not afraid of disgrace, I’m afraid. ”

Liu Xuan replied, “you’ll send a letter to you tomorrow.” It’s one and another three. Please don’t take any more excuses to procrastinate. You do not responsible, if we cannot fight. It’s not a joke. ”

6 27, the winter and spring film to Hu Bo to send a letter of breach of breach of communication, “put forward the claim for damages.” A few days later, the winter and spring film industry sent second communication letters to Hu Bo, which directly asked for the termination of the contract.


terminates the contract, the copyright, income and ownership of all the movie related materials, editing works, screenplays, and other copyright materials that have been generated now belong to the producers in winter and spring except the attribution right of the script. (winter and spring (Shanghai) Film Co., Ltd., July 7, 2017)


, “I don’t accept a kind of greasy hypocrisy as the so-called complex, real and vivid rule that doesn’t accept the core rule of interpersonal interaction, and doesn’t accept the utilitarian part in existence.” (Hu Bo, August 26, 2017, postscript for “bullfrog”)

in the movie “the elephant” sat on the floor, everyone and misfits himself in the environment, they can not from any one person to feel the warmth, so they fled. In the escape of the day, they can rely on something, only a rolling pin, a pool cue, a baseball bat.

in a darkened room, Webb taped a layer around the rolling pin. He snapped the tape, was waving a few times. On the way to school, Webb told friends: “my dad used to use the trial prisoners, leaving no injury.” He decided to use it with the same pin for friends Deep-Fried Dough Sticks.

escape Webb, no money to buy the ticket, he took his cue for cash collection. It was a Duke with a WB inscribed on it. Webb met his neighbour old gold on the road. He was ready to borrow money from Lao Jin, and he met the master of the big white dog who was entangled in old gold. He picked up a brick, to protect the old gold, men kick down, stand up and kick down.

old gold from his pocket and pulls out a small pile of banknotes, handed Webb, cue him not Webb, but Webb still gave him hard. Later, the cue unexpectedly became Webb’s old gold winning punks weapons.

Dean’s wife found Huang Ling home, through the door and shouted, Dean of what to talk. Huang Ling grabbed the bat, toward the officer’s shoulder was waving in the past.

in the face of the ruthless world, Hu Bo’s protagonist chose violence. They rensili, a tendon, unwilling to turn, regardless of the consequences. But violence can not solve the problem, so they are willing to believe that there is a floor in the distant Manchuria elephant. They are unable to change the reality. They can only choose distant wonders as weak hopes.


| director Hu Bo

in Beijing, Hu Bo often rode a white scooter, and the right rearview mirror was hit early. From his rental cell to the downtown area, he often needs to take the airport speed. Hu Bo can ride a motorcycle like this at a speed of 120 miles, sometimes even to 150 miles.

was not surprised by the suicide of his senior high school classmates. In their impression, he is always alone, “to hang up is quite new, like him.”

then every day he wore a large head, long hair, shovel like. There are always teachers who have a special appreciation of Hu Bo, but there are teachers who hate him especially. In the first class in high school, he had a quarrel with the PE teacher and did not have a PE class for the next three years. He wrote an article to the Chinese teacher, and wanted to let the teacher comment on it. After he came back, he said to his classmates: the teacher has no culture. The teacher think math classroom is too messy, said don’t want to hear out, Hu Bo and students go to the playground to play.

he likes to sleep, nicknamed “morpheus”. He went to school for him, moved to the school near the school, and was 200 meters away, but he was late every day.

he had a theme “Chinese culture” of the blackboard, labeled a “blackboard” in the middle of prominent amplification, has become a “Chinese culture”, and now would like to also make people laugh.

for a while, Hubo likes to watch Han Han and watch the bud. He does not like the class, he reads novels, and writes novels at the time of his own study. Later, he did not know where to get a camera, first to the students to take some non – mainstream photos, and later also pulled the students to take a short film. The short film is about a boy with physical disabilities. He sits at a window and watches others play downstairs every day. Once, he throws a paper airplane and is picked up by another boy. He then takes him upstairs and plays with everyone.


was high in the second year, Hu Bo suddenly told his classmates that he didn’t speak Ji’nan since today. The student asked why he said he was going to take the Beijing Film Academy, and now he was going to practice Putonghua. In senior three, he went to Beijing to brush lessons and bought several sack film plates back to see. He took the exam three times and did a few days in the middle of the wedding photography, and returned from a college in Shandong. In 2010, he was 22 years old when he entered the director department of Beijing Film Academy and was the oldest student in the class.

in Beijing Film Academy, freshman, Hu Bo was angry that teacher Zhang Jiandong kicked the table, sophomore, angry teacher Jiang Wei left the classroom. When he graduated, his short film was criticized by the teacher, too artistic, so that he could imitate the Korean people to take the commercial film. He acted as a movie company. After watching it, he directly invited him to be a commercial film director, but he refused. He was annoyed with his compromise.

he always remembered the shock of watching the ten commandments and watching Red and blue all night in the Internet cafe, and he was determined to create a new film language.


After the conflict between

and winter and spring, Hu Bo drank the rum for more than 20 days at his home. In July 2017, he went to Xining for a youth director training camp. There he saw his idol, the Hungarian director, Bella tal, and filmed a short film that was affirmed by Bella.


returned to Beijing, Hu Bo’s mental state was obviously better. He told many people that it was past, and then he had to prepare for a new job. He even some A fighting spirit soars aloft. half seriously, said, the future Wang Xiaoshuai to attend the film festival which, he also went to attend the film festival, he used to work over Wang Xiaoshuai.

During the period of

, he was busy with the publishing house and published the second novel “bullfrog”. FIRST has determined to invest in his second feature film “the gate of heaven”, and lead to him to pay 60 thousand yuan fee. He began to write again, in addition to the novel, still writing drama, which is a new literary attempt. He worked madly and felt that he had “returned from the dark”.

at the same time, FIRST is also helping to mediate his relationship with winter and spring. At the end of September, FIRST organized a small movie, please watch some in the industry “to” the elephant sat on the floor, the company can offer. After a movie, it was stopped by Liu Xuan and had to be changed to another site.


the same day, Hu Bo heard the news that Liu Xuan had been screened. That night, Hu Bo and friend Wang Lei to drink on the way back, Hu Bo emotion, repeatedly said: I hate them two, why should I do

believes that winter and spring and his cooperation have been a deception from the beginning, “from the deception service of the next dragon”.

2016 in July, I sat on the floor with “elephant” (then called “Golden Fleece”) film project in the FIRST Xining Film Festival will have to venture capital, a company to contact me, I agree to apply for three million yuan of investment budget in movies, pictures of Ms. Liu Xuan also contact me in the same time.

at that time, I thought Wang Xiaoshuai, director of the core of winter spring movie, had been making art films. So she trusted her completely. Ms. Liu Xuan, who invested in your movie company, will surely interfere with your creation later, and persuaded me for the reason.


, the project need a script copyright agreement “as the reason, let me sign the contract, then sign the transfer of copyright, no fixed cut right and the right to choose actor contract with” too little “experience for the new director (then mandatory script copyright has been all of them away, no other choice. Why is my personal understanding of the industry, and the film academy never teach students to beware of predecessors).

In this way, the film started and started another film from another young director. My first requirement is three million budget, forty-five shooting days, companies do not deny my requirements before signing the first contract, with a copy of the implementation of the contract, after each have no choice, the end of the project, only hundreds of thousands of budget, the twenty-five day of shooting day.

actually, when the script copyright was unconditionally checked out, the whole production of the movie began to shrink from the director’s control, and the reason why I first gave up other companies’ better conditions is “no interference with creation”.

so far, I still can’t understand the financing of the film. In September last year, the company encourages my circle of friends of art and free strokes and other team members, leading to the project in the Department of fine arts graduates to become the laughing stock of film school, this abnormal situation is only applicable to individual free people from the company’s remake of the movie, but the contract, to the process, is the standard film production process.

most creative almost to zero paycheck to participate in this movie, I rely on last summer bonuses last year, but because of the preparatory period to other work, also do not have any income. But the whole movie process is not an independent film production system, from finance to propaganda are commercial behavior, at the same time the company forced zero paycheck to shoot a staff of two and signed a contract with video stills copyright transfer, were rejected. (Hu Bo, death of a young director)

On the night of

10 8, four days before Hu Bo’s suicide, he and a friend had a drink at a bar in Wangjing. That day, Hu Bo dressed up, a furry grey Hoodie, blue vest, new shoes, wearing a top hat.

Hu Bo, eating chicken wings, said to his friend, “I recently bought a lot of tide cards in the gap between writing plays. You see, so people can’t see what you are doing. As I used to wear black and white, I knew it was a daring writer at the end of the day. Anyone can come and talk about you. I’m tired of it… ”

two people talked from morning till morning, from movie, drama to writing and life, from Bella Tel to Aureliano in “100 years of solitude”, and finally talked about death.

“I’m going to engrave a hanged man on my tombstone.” Hu Bo said.

“what is the inscription on the epitaph? Here is the loneliest man in the universe — “?”

“it’s not a good thing to be alive. It’s like a tool, writing, making a movie. But the creation itself is the pain of experiencing geometric multiplying. ”

also asked Hu Bo what his friend was doing recently. His friend answered that when he was resting, Hu Bo laughed and said, “you wait, I will find something for you in two days.”

four days later, Hu Bo hanged himself.


Four months after the death of

Hu, I went to visit his parents in Ji’nan. It was cold in the cold winter. There was no heat in the house they had rented. It was still cold in the living room, although there were two electric heaters in the living room. A white cat before Hu Bo have been brought back, and walked in the room.

‘s house is near Ji’nan high railway station. Hu Bo’s parents told me that the choice of renting here was to help Hu go to school in Beijing. A bedroom North Hu wave inside the room, simple furnishings, a portrait on Hu Bo desk.

they don’t want to talk more about Hu’s past. Not only because of fear memories of sad memories, but also because of “things” that follow the elephant sat on the floor has yet to be determined, and they worry about my conversation will affect the film rights and benefits transfer. One week after Hu Bo’s accident, he promised to “donate” the film copyright in winter and spring, but it was still unsolved until I arrived in Ji’nan.

“Wang Xiaoshuai really to Yishouzhetian?” Hu Bo’s father asked me. He said they were not willing to pursue anyone else’s responsibility, only to hope that he and his mother could have a hope for the second half of his life. I don’t know how to answer, but I can only repeat the position of my interview.

Hubo’s father was a little impatient and said to me, “what good can we do to accept your interview?” He was wondering if this interview could help solve the money problem. The son has passed away, and they need money for the old age.

Huber mother advised him not to worry, her spirit is good, this time she has been working with the FIRST staff, the couple rented a house to expire, she still get together to find new homes. She listened to people saying that Hu Bo’s cat was worth 8000 dollars, and if she really had so much money, she sold the cat. “7000 I sell it, too. 6000 I sell it, too. ”

now, the issue of film copyright has finally been solved. “The elephant sat on the floor” in Berlin, at the end of the movie subtitle copyright of the name, one of them is Hu Bo’s mother.

last year of the year, Hu Bo did not stay at home for a few days and went to Jingxing to take “the elephant”. Before he left, Hu said to his father, let him prepare the time in advance, at least 6 hours, and go home and talk to him next time. That was the last time Hubo came home.

Hu Bo’s father said to me, he is at least four times “elephants” sat on the floor, just don’t understand: why don’t the people laugh?

returned to Beijing after I reviewed the Hu Bo mobile phone in the more than 100 photos. In the past, I only noticed that most of these photos were screenshots of conversations between Wang Xiaoshuai and Liu Xuan, some of the contract texts, photographs of correspondence, or the cover and title pages of his new books. Only 3 pictures have nothing to do with his work. It is a screenshot of an article, which is about the experience of writer Shen Congwen.

, I found this article on the Internet. There is a passage written in the passage. Shen Congwen wrote to the literary giants at the beginning of Beijing, hoping to be appreciated. A letter was sent to Yu Dafu, and the two people met each other. Yu Dafu went to see Shen Congwen and saw that he was hiding in a small room without a fire in the winter. Later, Yu Dafu asked Shen Congwen to eat lunch and gave him all the change. As he left, Yu Dafu said to Shen Congwen, “I have read your article. You have to write down. ”

I suddenly remembered, “is someone laughing in the elephant sat on the floor”. At the end of the film, Webb, Huang Ling, and old gold were on the bus to Manchuria, which was at night. When the bus stopped at the Webb to get off, go to the wilderness, kicking the shuttlecock, slowly, Huang Ling and Lao Jin joined in. They are in a circle, playing shuttlecock.

(in the text Wang Lei is the name of the chemical. Some of the details from the sub and Wang Kai commemorative article, thanks.)


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