Little thing. I know why sheep fail to be human pets.

I know why sheep fail to become human pets

because my host family really used sheep as pets and had

.P > Well, a friend of my mother’s boarding family had a farm and gave birth to a lamb last year. Because the mother was sick or something, she couldn’t feed the lamb. She had to be raised by hand, so she sent it to my home.

(this is not the first time my homestay has raised sheep, but this is my first time to raise sheep)

but my host family doesn’t own a farm,

.< p > Ordinary house and yard.

< p > The lamb was three days old when she first came to my house, and the whole family (three boys, one girl, father and mother) loved her (a sheep)

I have no enthusiasm for sheep, so I just have time to play for a while and then have no time for

.P > At first the lamb lived in the house because she was too young to come to my house in the cold spring.

sheep and cats and dogs are different. You can’t tell her that she can’t urinate anywhere.

so when she was at my house, she kept wearing


is the kind of baby that wears a diaper, cuts a hole behind his butt, and pulls his tail out of


initially began to pee and not Baba, which is relatively simple,

later the lamb began to pull the cake, and the Baba would fall out of the wet hole,

Where does

go? Where does Baba leak?

so we often have to shit

behind the sheep’s butt.But I don’t care, because it’s not me who takes care of the sheep. No matter what the trouble is, I just need to tease the sheep when I’m in a good mood.

but you know, words can’t be too early.

the spring break of our school and the spring vacation of my host family were just staggered.

I took two weeks off first, then the kids went on vacation.

so when I was at school, my host family had to go to their cabin on the beach for a holiday.

< p > So I grazed sheep, fed chickens, fed rabbits, fed the chickens next door (they went on vacation next door) for a whole week

P > By this time the sheep had begun to spend the night in the yard by herself, but during the day she was allowed to play in the house as long as someone was at home.

< p > Our yard is very large, with chicken houses and rabbit pens and a swimming pool (not the kind of embedded pool that digs holes in the ground, the kind that’s very simple, circular, movable, and visually measured about three meters in diameter)

< p > The rope around the sheep’s neck was long enough for the sheep to run to the corner of the yard, which ensured that the sheep could play freely and that the sheep would not run away

on the first day when my host family left, the lamb was going to give me a heart attack.

< p > It rained a little on the first night, and I thought the sheep had shelter from the rain and didn’t go out to see her.

I had my morning class on the second morning, and I got up at half past six to feed (to give her a powder)

Oh, here’s a word to say, do you want sheep as pets? You have never heard how loud the sheep are.

< p > I once went to walk a sheep (there is a beach near my home) and met a couple. The woman asked me if I lived on XXX road. I said, she said, “Well, I hear sheep barking at home”


really, very loud. I was in the room (ten metres away from the yard) talking to my friend on the phone, and he said he could hear the sheep.

said I’d go back to sheep alone.

on the second day, I got up at half past six to feed the sheep, but the sheep woke up at six, from six to half past six. I slept with earplugs during that time. I thanked my neighbor for not calling the police.

when I looked in the yard, I almost failed to faint. The lamb tied his rope to the rabbit’s pen and threw the rabbit’s pen down. The rabbit ran away. The lamb did not return to the nest all night. It rained again. He stayed in the mud pit all night, covered with mud, and stood looking at me in the mud pit.

, on the first day of the day, the rabbit was lost. I still have morning classes in the morning, so I can’t skip classes and find rabbits. I can’t fix the rabbit lap, but I can’t fix it. It’s all mud. I have to give her a bath. She can’t turn the roof over.

I was a little bit away from my death.

No way I could send a message to my boarding mother, saying that the rabbit had fallen down and the sheep were covered in mud. Did I have to bathe the sheep this afternoon?

P > Fortunately, the boarding mother told her friend that I had repaired the rabbit pen during the day when I was at school and found it back.

P > As for the sheep, when I get home the mud dries up, just brush the clods down with a brush (the wool is rolled! Especially bad brush! I’m exhausted!

later, I saw the lamb in the middle of the day and went to the rabbit lap in my face, and I almost fainted.

P > I thought she had knocked the rabbit down because the rope had got entangled in the rabbit ring and tried to break it off. As a result, I was told by some people that he was beaten badly.

decided to shorten the length of her rope so that she could not reach the rabbit lap.

P > I did overestimate the sheep’s IQ, and since then she has never adapted to the new length, and she can hit herself every time she runs madly.

sheep! Living creatures on the grass all the year round! I like chewing stuff very much! Although my things were not poisoned, the children were chewing off countless earphones and data lines. She really chewed everything! I like eating paper very much, I am so happy that I even eat table corners! My favorite thing is to lick my mother’s salt lamp! When you meet something, you nibble at it.

< p > The lamb did not like the feeling of wet urine and would jump out of it in about an hour or two. At this time, I had to catch up with her and put it on. But she didn’t know you wanted to give her a diaper. She thought you were playing with her. So it was another mad run, running around the table, upstairs and downstairs, and eventually basically throwing her on the bed at the end of the corridor.

(that’s the bedroom of my parents’ family. I don’t want to go into the bedroom with my mother! (mom likes the air in the room, so I like to open all the doors)

P > About going to bed, the lamb’s bouncing ability was so great that he liked to jump on my bed when he was happy. Although I have developed the bad habit of sitting around barefoot in foreign countries, I still can’t accept your foot rubbing against my bed.

P > Another time, when I cooked dinner, the lamb kept following me (believing I wasn’t a tender play) and tried to throw himself at me again and again. It all needs twenty or thirty Jin! I can’t catch it. Hoofs step on my feet. You guess I don’t wear shoes at home (I don’t wear shoes and wear shoes at home).

every time a sheep is stroll, it is a strength to live. Every time a sheep is tied, it is a strength to live.

after a week’s return from the homestay, I finally got the hang of it.

Three months later, the lamb returned to the flock, and we sent her back to the farm. The whole family, except the mother and the girl, sent the lamb away with gongs and drums. It’s really too much to worry about.

< p > Imagine a sheep bellowing around the house from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., gnawing at your data line, headphone sheets, clothes, corner of your desk, homework paper, flowers, pens in the pencil. Every now and then he has to catch up with it and change his urine, and he can pick up sheep’s manure eggs behind his butt. It knows it must not nibble at anything. Every time it nibbles, it steals. As soon as you look at her, she stops. As soon as you turn around, she goes on nibbling. All day I ran around in the yard, then I gave myself a somersault, then I got up and ran around. Far away from the rabbit circle, the intent is to get rid of the rabbit lap. I am so happy that I am entangled in the inexplicable place and start barking.

is really a good cat and dog.

master, I use my personal experience to tell you why we cannot use sheep as pets.

ancestor is right, sheep is only suitable for instant mutton, roast whole sheep, braised lamb leg etc.

didn’t expect so many people to see the little things added to a few lambs.

commented that sheep had been over. Emmmm My boarding children have knelt on the floor and goats on top of it. The kids are playing with it, lambs.

because a few minutes walk near our home is a small beach, so we go to the seaside for a stroll every day. Once, a uncle said, “this sheep is a different sheep.” (ha ha ha)

P > We also took the lamb to the street, but it wasn’t really a shopping trip either. The whole family went to the park on weekend afternoons and stopped to buy fish and chips. So we took the lamb across the long street, passing countless pedestrians and afternoon tea drinkers. It was quite a breeze.

< p > to what extent does a lamb like to gnaw, that is, his mother is standing there texting, a low-haired lamb found in the dark rubbing and gnawing her skirt corner, the mouth never idle time.

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