From childhood, they liked watching adults fight in chessboard.

Weiqi is a mirror of the growth of people’s minds and a mentor of my whole life.

I was born in 1952 and grew up in Beijing. The parents are leading cadres of the party. They have two sisters and two younger brothers.

is very happy to be born in such a family.

< p > I was never able to do strenuous exercise since I was a child. Because of congenital heart disease, physical education was exempted from primary school to junior high school.

P > Weak children are easily annoyed. I was very vulnerable to bullying at school when I was a child. I used to fantasize about suddenly having a strong body and teach these bear children a lesson.

< p > I first found a sense of achievement in mathematics, because I found that in mathematics, right is right, wrong is wrong.

The quick and accurate answer to a question is a fierce competition. The first time my competitive heart is satisfied in the envy of my classmates, I seldom get more than a hundred points.

I started to go Weiqi by chance.

because my parents and grandparents are chess fans, my brother and I are watching it next to us. Normally unsmiling elders in Go will be like a change of person, the game is very quiet, after each game of intense discussion, then young although I do not understand, but what to say also in the side to watch for a while.

and I learned the strong charm of weiqi after learning how to eat. Go is not simply about right or wrong. Once you walk in, the two countries are at war, you are the commander in chief. All the Games looked dull.

P > Later, Lee Chang-ho, the famous Korean “Stone Buddha”, was very naughty when he was a child. Every day he and his brother competed for the highest score of all kinds of games in the game hall around him. It was also Weiqi that “surrendered” him. At first, it was not a quiet, invisible look.

After decades, many memories are blurred. Some childhood stories are still engraved in life. It is well known that I eat watermelon without lunch in big competitions. This has much to do with my childhood marshal Chen Yi and Chen Lao Chieh asking me to eat watermelon.


, the elders of weiqi often have good character and have irreplaceable influence on my growth.

used to live in my family. He is a generation of famous players. He is very flexible and excels in giving up children. I was often embarrassed by his abandoned tactics, and I ate a lot, but the game was not saved.

P > Later, I love to say that the best way to show a chess player’s mind is because the wonderful abandonment is not only a means to get rid of the opponent’s entanglement, but also an offensive type, which makes him have to eat, eat uncomfortable, and have great fun conceiving abandonment tactics.

we say Weiqi is very vivid. My communication with my elders during my childhood is often done in a contest of one bureau and one bureau.

< p > I am a very competitive person. Go has guided me to understand the world objectively, and has also discovered the true tenacity and uncontrollability.

< p > During my previous serious illness (rectal cancer), when I heard the grief-stricken discussions of my hospital patients, friends who might have had such a situation at home could understand what a feeling of weakness was revealed in those discussions.

I immediately said to myself, “no, I have to be myself. Be optimistic!”

is now able to recover, and I think it has a lot to do with the mental state constantly tempered by go.

Fujizawa, a veteran of the Chinese chess class, fought cancer three times before he died. When he finally died, he turned up and wrote: Strong efforts.

is the voice of weiqi people.

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