I am afraid that the major of learning is only suitable for state-owned enterprises. How should I plan my career?

P > As a person who once came out of a state-owned enterprise, what I want to say is, no planning, because planning is useless, because a lot of things can not be planned by you.

As for whether or not to go, I am still very supportive, because state-owned enterprises for new people, there are still many desirable places, specific places to go, you can refer to my answer: “https://www.zhihu.com/question/2957174/answer/497820425″> non-standard automation equipment engineers and structural engineers which More promising?

< p > Now that the second question has been answered, let’s mainly share the first question, why planning is useless.

01 too many talents

< p > Don’t look too high on yourself. It’s a common fault of science and engineering people. They look down on the world and can’t tolerate anyone. Maybe you’re really a talented person, but you don’t necessarily get the right place to use them. The accumulation of talented people in state-owned enterprises is too large, especially those big monopoly enterprises, can be said to be in reserve regardless of cost. Talents (to put it mildly), in fact, spare no effort to stifle talent, they recruited the most outstanding talent team, but did not do their best to them, let alone plan for their so-called career development, because the enterprise is too strong, as a new person has no ability to call the shots and requirements, can only be allowed. Man is slaughtered.

< p > One of the state-owned enterprises in which I once worked has recruited more than 70 graduates, five graduates from each workshop and five graduates of undergraduate degree. Imagine how you get ahead in such an environment, depending on what you get out of the way, how many people are available and why you should be chosen. You are not necessarily the best, even if you are the best, but you are not necessarily the one with the background, even if you have the background, you are not necessarily the most background.

many of the talented people have become “spare tire” or even become waste materials, because they simply can not get the opportunity to learn and performance. In state-owned enterprises, leaders always has the final say, and their ability is not good enough. Moreover, few people can really get the so-called ability by their own efforts. Everything is a result of leadership arrangements. Fruit, including your ability.

02 ability is not the most important workplace weight

P > In fact, this problem exists in any enterprise, but it is more straightforward and realistic in state-owned enterprises. Many people, especially college graduates, always focus too much on their professional skills, thinking that once they have mastered their professional skills, there will be an ideal sky for them to fly. In fact, this idea is true. Professional skills are always a necessary, not a sufficient, condition for the success of a professional.

P > For example, the two days in the microblog boisterous “Xi’an Institute of Aerospace Dynamics Zhang Xiaoping resignation incident” is a typical example of how you have the ability, that is, do not give you the opportunity, nurture you, let you idle, do not give you an important job, nurture you into a scrap, for an enterprise Industry, to destroy a person is really too easy to stand up for a few years can be, a person’s time to learn and contribute is limited, enterprises can do a hundred years of business, but how many years of life youth?

So the so-called workplace, play is always a comprehensive strength, if it is a private enterprise, a lot of comprehensive strength you can self-expansion and control, if it is a state-owned enterprise, perhaps your background and background can let you achieve rapid overtaking curve, especially large state-owned enterprises, their system is too sound, the division of labor is too clear and detailed. As a result, there are relatively single and low requirements for individual competencies, and no superior can meet the needs of the position very well. There are few cases where the ability does not match the position. So don’t assume that no one else but you can do it. The fact is that it’s okay to push anyone to the leadership position, the key is still your background.

03 how to break through the stalemate

P > A, learn to stand in line, this is no choice, in state-owned enterprises, whether you have the ability to work, you have to learn to stand in line, many times your opportunity comes from whether you stand in the right team, although such sharing is very pessimistic, but this is really a bloody reality, that is, to stand in line, do not think self-righteous. You can’t do it by yourself. Others can’t do it. In the eyes of leaders, “either be my man or don’t want to be a man of letters”, things are so simple. And all state-owned enterprises have a common fault. That is, the first and second leaders of any team are never in harmony. It’s all internal strife. It’s not God’s deliberate arrangement. It’s the law of power and interest that drives the eldest man to die. How does the second man get to the top? Is the eldest man really so easy to die? So it’s a struggle between life and death. Your future depends on how you bet. If you bet right, the clouds will go straight up. If you bet wrong, it may be a waste of your life. It is not so much to look at your eyes as to see your luck and whose ancestral grave is smoking.

P > B, will come, do not think that the work is done on everything, this can only ensure that you are not scolded, but it can not guarantee that you are promoted and salary increase, not to mention that you stand out, return to work talent opportunities. What will happen? It’s really a test of life for a man of science and engineering. For example, the advantage of a man of science and engineering is to work hard, but the disadvantage is not to know how to report. Maybe it’s more like “making bridal clothes for others”. There’s a hidden rule in the workplace, who reports who benefits, because the other person’s reporting process is also the process of showing his merit. More importantly, the reporting process is also a process of shirking responsibility, reporting difficulties and obstacles to the leader, is also equivalent to the responsibility of the leader. In the future, if the project is overdue or fails, you can get away from it as soon as possible, because you have reported progress and problems, the responsibility will not let you assume, you are only an executor, but if it is successful, you must be the beneficiary, because you do the work. I once read a job book. Its main idea is: first class employees know how to report.

Hardware refers to your educational background, professional title, professional skills and so on. These things determine that you can do a good job. Software refers to your emotional intelligence and soft power. These things determine whether you can get a chance to do something. These two conditions are indispensable. Many people only know how to build themselves. Your hardware, but ultimately can not get the opportunity to play, such as thousands of miles old dead slot, there are many people too much emphasis on their own software, although the momentary aspiration, but because there is no actual ability to work, and finally live into a slave, not a bit of the bottom of the workplace, so whether you have the so-called background or luck, We must be prepared and always be prepared.

P > D, jump out, iron barracks, running soldiers, enterprises are the same, if the real state-owned enterprises have no room to rise, then change the enterprise, after all, the world is so big, maybe your Bole and luck is not in this place, but no matter what attitude you uphold, you need to have such a mentality: We must always remain as hard as we can and prepare ourselves as we leave tomorrow. In fact, I am not in favor of staying in state-owned enterprises, so it is easy to develop a twilight, premature decline, and slowly lost the pattern, easy to some trivial profits and ignore the wider world.

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