Trifles. Most people are walking hard, and you are like children in spring outing.

but less than a year after marriage, there may be changes in the future.

there was something wrong with the sweeping robot at home. When there was no electricity, there was no way to find the charger. So we open it every day at work and go home at night to see which room it has died in. If I die in the living room, I cook for second days, and if I die in my bedroom, my husband will do it.

at the weekend, wash a large wave of clothes sheets and dry them all on the sofa. Then open YouTube to play Jay Lin Junjie Chen Yixun, the two people fold clothes while crying wolf, singing excited on the left hand a shirt right hand a towel, waving and twisting with the rhythm.

bought a mini Juicer at a bargain price, and then two people started all kinds of crazy experiments. Watermelon juice, super good! Hami melon + Strawberry, not bad! Mango + yogurt, smells very fragrant, but too sour! Apple + orange juice, miraculous good drink! Watermelon + milk + Chocolate… Two people were paralyzed on the sofa and had a stomach ache all night.

, every weekend, I open my eyes for 11. My husband and I think this is not a thing. Wasting time does not mean that life is not regular. So the two men said that if anyone didn’t get up at 9, he had to be pulled out of an armpit hair. Now every weekend, the two wake up and look, and 11 o’clock, and then curse, consciously began to pull out each other’s armpits…

P > My husband got the flu this spring, and I anxiously called my medical students for consultation, made a nutritious meal, brought water and medicine, and finally in four days.. I fell sick too. Husband was better at that time, so he had to get up and bring me water and medicine. After three or four days, I recovered a little, and Husband fell down again.


married, they measured their body weight once a week and rose every time. Finally one day I couldn’t bear it. I happened to see a public tennis court nearby. I immediately bought rackets and balls and took my husband to play tennis. When we got to the tennis court, we couldn’t play either, so we had to swing our rackets like badminton or table tennis. Facts have proved that picking up the ball is a very weight losing exercise, which is second days of lumbago.

< p > We watch videos when we’re bored at night. My husband likes to watch horses and LPLs, and I like to watch animial planets. The two videos will be watched by two people and they will find their own fun.

look at big Sima and LPL:

husband: haha hado fishing! Well, this wave is not lost. This BP has routines! This regiment commanded cow B! 6666666!

me: Mr. Ma is really enjoying his meal. How beautiful the hero skin is! Xiao Ming Hao Meng! Who is this coach so gay?

look at the animal world:

me: originally, the mouse is so long! The social system of wolf is like this. The work of the original eco photographer is like this.

husband: look, this chimpanzee looks much like you! Do you think this wild donkey looks like you? Ha ha ha, let’s see they mate!!!

on weekends, my husband occasionally plays black LOL with my friends, and I’ll talk with them on the phone. But my husband’s girlfriend often won’t take him after three innings, so that he “good to accompany his sister-in-law,” I will chat for 40 minutes to hang up my phone, remind me not to air my husband. Our two deserted people will mock each other for a bad relationship, and then… My husband began to single row LOL, I went to telephone harassment my brother…… Even if our feelings are good, we still want to leave some time for ourselves.

On Valentine’s Day, I bought a handful of roses on my way home from work. When I got home, I found my husband had bought one too. The two of them looked at the two roses in the middle of nowhere. The last two people whispered for a while, putting the rose in two plastic bags frozen in the fridge. A month later, we opened the fridge every night, rolled down a few roses and soak our feet. Husband insists that he feels his feet white and tender a lot, but I feel that every day so bubble put what foot skin is gone.. In any case, the two men reached a consensus: roses, the unwanted object, should not appear at home.

my husband and I are poor people with poor spending power, and their physical needs are not high. So every special day we have a headache because we can’t think of any gifts to give each other. My husband has no interest in leather bags, sneakers and electronics, and I don’t make up at all, and I don’t get a cold for clothes and bags. On July seventh this year, we decided to make some changes. Two people bought a special steak and a pound of pigs * that they could not buy. Go home and make a fry of the steak *, stir fry the pig, take out the refrigerator’s Yakult (forget to buy the wine), two of you raise your legs, drink milk and eat meat. One and a half hours later, the meat was eaten up, and the cows were almost blowing too. The two men raised Yangle to toast, shouting “Happy Tanabata.”

my marriage may not be very representative. Unlike most of the answers, I don’t think my husband’s life has changed a lot. Or to put it a little cold-blooded, even if my husband does not appear in my life, I can still live very well. I still guess every day that the sweeping robot dies in the room and then goes to work to see if it’s right. I will still fold clothes while happy ghosts cry wolf howl, I will still buy a big piece of meat on my birthday, and I am happy to eat with the fun. I don’t know where this blind optimism comes from. Maybe it’s my character that is happy. Maybe it’s my parents who give me enough confidence.

My husband once described me as saying that if everyone’s life is a long journey, most people are struggling, they will experience rugged mountain roads, puddles, and some beautiful scenery. But the scenery is often fleeting, most of the road is still loess and stone, but you are different, you like a spring child, you will feel this stone is beautiful, that loess is beautiful, for you, life is simply a tour, even without me, you are still traveling.

P > I said, even if it is such a pleasant thing to travel, it will be lonely for a long time. If someone can take a picture, it is good to have a chat on the way. Of course, this life’s traveling companions are not easy to find, not suitable as no, but I was lucky enough to find a pleasant one.

I think this is my immature view of marriage.

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