The wrong thing is drops, not cars.

from the perspective of overall traffic planning, there are actually great benefits for a free ride.

P > For < strong > intra-city travel , because the toll rate of windmill is obviously lower than that of ordinary networking and carpooling services providing similar services, and the cost of fuel, depreciation, insurance and so on is basically not profitable, drivers may indeed be mainly private car owners who take people on the way. It can be said that in the city, the windmill business is really the original intention of Uber and other travel service enterprises – through the mobile Internet and matching algorithm to centralize travel, thereby improving traffic efficiency.

In contrast, the Internet-based travel service, the first major force in some cases, provides more convenient and diversified travel services, but to a large extent increases congestion, energy consumption and pollution, and is likely to be even less efficient than taxis in many cases. If the government does not regulate its supply, it is likely to become a malignant tumor of urban traffic.

here’s an example to compare:

< p > Suppose there is a windmill driver A and passenger B, the original A to B, the total distance is 10 km, B from C to D, the total distance is 6 km, as shown in the following figure:

so the total mileage of different modes of travel is as follows:

< ol > < li > < strong > private car < / strong >: A and B each drive their own private car to the destination, a total of 10 + 6 = 16 kilometers. < li > < strong > windmill : A private car to the destination, the way through the windmill to pick up passenger B, a total of 3 + 6 + 3 = 12 kilometers, because the windmill more or less to detour the road, a little bit farther than a self-driving, but certainly closer than the two people driving. (Because the price is low, it requires the owner to make more routes, but not many rides, I’m afraid there is no owner to connect)

  • carpool: driver receives the order at A0, in the process of looking for passengers before receiving the order has been empty 2 kilometers, then empty 2 kilometers to reach point A to meet the armour, and then driving 3 kilometers Kilometer to point B, then put down B and A at point C and point D respectively, driving 2 + 2 + 3 + 6 + 3 = 16 km < / Li > < li > < strong > ordinary net car < / strong >: the two drivers received orders at A0 and C0 respectively, before each had empty 2 km, after receiving orders, they were empty 2 km. The total mileage is 2+2+10+2+2+6=24 km.
  • < li > < strong > taxi : The two drivers saw the passengers waving at A and C respectively, before each had been empty for 3 km, the total mileage was 3+10+3+6=22 km.

    < p > you can see that netbook cars must drive more miles than their own cars, and probably even more miles than regular taxis. Even carpool is not necessarily better than self driving. only a free ride is a to reduce the mileage of a car.

    As we all know, the less mileage a car travels, the less energy it consumes, the less pollution it causes, and the less traffic congestion it causes.

    For China, which is currently plagued by energy security, smog and congestion, windward driving is of great significance.

    Another common use of

    and free cars is the intercity trip . Intercity rides are profitable because they are fast, time-consuming, low fuel consumption per mile, high per unit price, and less subject to competition from regular taxis and networking (because the price is too high), as well as a large number of full-time or part-time operating drivers. This accident, Wenzhou girl is also from Yueqing Hongqiao to Yongjia, travel more than 60 kilometers, is a short-distance inter-city trip.

    I don’t know enough about the local traffic in Wenzhou. But in general, at least 20 long-distance buses or buses must be routes with large passenger flow to be profitable. On one side of the trip was a bigger town, and on the other was a county town, mostly without a through train. Even if there are, I’m afraid there are very few shifts. And to Yueqing County car ride, it must be more toss about.

    < p > and I myself often take a drip-by-drip ride to and fro Shandong Rizhao home and Qingdao airport. The journey is 140 kilometers, usually 3-4 passengers.

    < p > The passenger flow from Sunshine to Qingdao Airport is not small, the airport bus goes directly to Sunshine, and the seat is wide, far more comfortable than the windmill. Moreover, the whole speed is high, the safety is better, and the average driving speed may be faster. But for me personally, airport buses are still far from being as convenient as windmills, for the following reasons:

    1. after all, buses need more people to make profits, so there are not so many shifts. There is a class every 1 hours or 1.5 hours. If you miss the previous one, you will have to wait a long time. And a car, a car pulled 3 or even 2 people enough drivers earn, usually 20-30 minutes can start. After a long flight, you are usually tired, and you don’t usually have much time to go home. It’s always good to go home earlier.
    2. < li > My family is in the northeast corner of Rizhao City. If I want to take the airport bus, I need to take a taxi to the south to arrive at the airport bus station. After getting on the bus, the airport bus will drive westward through the city center, and then take the high-speed from the western suburbs of the city. At this time, I will turn northeast to Qingdao. Return journey is the same. And the downwind is often from the southeast direction of the city, all the way north to meet the passengers, and then from my home, take the coastal first-class highway directly to the northeast, after twenty or thirty kilometers on the highway. It’s a lot closer for me (though the ride around Jiaozhou Bay freeway is used to save the cost of the bridge, and it’s faster for the whole eastern part of the city). Coupled with the direct delivery of the van to the door, and less time to wait, it will probably save 1 hours. That is to say, if you take a bus, it will take 3.5 hours to get out of the airport, and only 2.5 hours to get a free ride. < li > There is no airport bus for some time, for example, the earliest departure from Qingdao Airport is also 10 o’clock in the morning. If an early arrival flight, you can only take a ride. < li > The price of the windmill is 100 or more, and the bus is 85, but the total cost is basically the same. (Or parents pick it up, it doesn’t seem expensive, but it’s actually more expensive for them to go back and forth)

    In fact, there were many black cars on this route long before the trickle-down appeared. From Qingdao Airport, some yellow cattle matched the passengers who wanted to take the bus with the drivers who just came back to the airport. There were also black car drivers who ran back and forth specially. But this mode is more chaotic, expensive and inconsistent, and security is harder to guarantee. And although it’s a good ride home from the airport, it’s difficult to get a ride from home to the airport because it’s scattered. After the emergence of the wind car, the business is actually regularized.

    In general, the flexibility of the < strong > windmill is much better than that of the long-distance bus. Not only is the coverage of the shifts and routes better, but also the key is to support door-to-door without any transfer . In addition, public long-distance bus routes and schedules are sometimes more reasonable than optimal, and information acquisition issues should be considered as far as possible according to the whole point and the whole half point departure, not necessarily for the optimal passenger flow planning, and < strong > windmill as long as there is demand for this model of individual households, there can be supply. .

    In addition, because there are more part-time car owners in < strong > windmills, it is easy to adjust according to the seasonal variation of passenger flow. For Spring Festival, one of China’s biggest transport problems, it is difficult for all public transport, including civil aviation, railways and long-distance buses, to increase substantially. If the windmill is well developed, it is possible for everyone to go home by private car to provide a lot of extra capacity.

    and China’s oil prices are high, and high speed charges are not low. If you travel less, you can also reduce the cost if you travel less than two passengers. In the ten thousand step, speaking on a long distance can prevent drowsiness.

    P > Several times in the U.S. I drove more than 600 kilometers between Los Angeles and San Francisco by myself, and for that reason I went to Zimride, an intercity ride, to find two passengers, each at a price of $30, almost offsetting the depreciation of gas and the hard money I had to make a little more detours. Sometimes because trains are too slow (12 hours), planes are too expensive (2, 300 dollars not bought in advance), buses are too tired (8 hours, the seats are not spacious), and commuting to and from the station / airport without a taxi is too expensive, pure self-driving and no company, you choose this way to go.

    and Zimride’s security mechanism is obviously better than a dripping car. Drivers and passengers alike have to let each other see their Facebook pages when booking their trips in advance. A quick glance will give you a general idea of what kind of person the other person is. Although you can’t rule out some people who specially disguise themselves as human beings but are evil in their hearts, you can at least screen out most potential criminals who are not so smart.

    China does not have Facebook, but drivers and passengers < strong > make friends with each other (you can not make friends publicly) may have a similar effect.

    Moreover, for Intercity or frequent commuting, if it is a private owner, social needs are normal, as long as < strong > information two-way transparency < / strong >, both sides agree that no problem.

    concealment of passenger information may not be a particularly good solution. Because there are a lot of women who drive a windmill, especially among private car owners, and they may not want to take male passengers for their own safety. And not every male driver can be fearless of potential gangsters.

    In addition, it is easy to work with organizations such as Sesame Credit on a windmill. To ride or drive a windmill, credit must exceed a certain score. Drivers and passengers can also raise their own thresholds for each other.

    In view of the special high-risk situation of women, it is also possible to set up a “Respect for Women Stars” which only female passengers scored male riders, and when the score is lower than a certain value, they will stop sending orders to women. At the same time, it can provide an open selection for female passengers, only for female passengers. If the frequency of high-risk keywords is higher, passengers will naturally be more vigilant. And if the rider is afraid of female passengers scoring and threatening themselves, he can choose not to pick up female passengers.

    Passengers should also be able to choose a ride-by-ride ticket with other people carpooling. For women traveling alone, safety can definitely increase dramatically.

    < p > As for ID card, driving license, App user electronic face recognition, mobile phone number four in one, this should be the current Chinese technical means of verification process, there is no reason not to do. The driver’s electronic face should also be open to passengers, since want to make money, should not be so concerned about privacy. The driver’s photo and name are included in the car and can be reported at any time.

    In view of the safety of driving and the avoidance of temporarily registered gangsters, one may require one year or more of driving license in one’s name to be registered as a hitchhiker. Driving age is not necessarily a long driving time, nor can it get rid of those gangsters who are temporarily driving a car to commit crimes.

    P > If a strong person is confident that he or she is not afraid to meet a gangster and is willing to take a ride, he or she should be given the right to choose.

    < p > Of course, it’s better to have operators outside the market, so that people really have the freedom to choose. Monopoly always breeds arrogance and laziness.


    method is always more difficult than it is. It is not advisable to cut corners but not to eat because of choking.

    wrong is dripping, not a free ride.

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