“The richest person in the city of West Hong Kong” did make people haha, but was not convinced.

Zhi Yu Daily Note: This article is slightly spoiled, and pro test does not affect viewing.

I once thought that happy twist would become China’s Amirkhan. This expectation was seen after “donkey’s water”.

does not think that they want to express or reflect the same type, Amirkhan film is to a large extent a mirror of the reality of the India, the happy twist is in the works of eulogize human nature, the good and the beautiful , the two have something in common but not the same, but the intention is good, It is also true that the real existence must be paid attention to, whether it is restricted to the market angle or the restrictions of the relevant departments, not only happy and flex, but very few movies can always be seen as Amirkhan. And the reason why they have something in common, and even expect the happy twist to reach Amirkhan’s height, is because is all in the way of comedy to convey what he wants to convey. To put it plainly, for the general public, it is both fun and rejoice.

a lot of people think that the movie is happy to see the happy twist. As long as it is happy, the natural evaluation is high. This idea is not good, but it can’t be decided by this idea that all the people who think the film has problems are “Postures”, and Gao Zan said that the low score of the bean is high cold and a vulgar one. People feel so good that such an obvious guiding speech should not be an objective evaluation answer.

said, “the richest man in the city of West Hong”, the whole view experience can only be said to be very extensive, you have to say that not happy that certainly will not, music is happy, happy is also a lot of, but like to see happy twist film that the kind of novelty laugh a little, it is really funny, but I was in some works even before It’s fun to laugh in his own work. It’s hard to make people laugh, but not the past. “I’m just amused by you.”

The choice of

plot is not very consistent with this practice, and the overall rhythm is not good. The actor’s insistence on football is quite long in the middle of the group. It is too abrupt to see the team do not practice the ball well, and the love of the heroine is very indescribable. I think the man who is in the distance is quite right, and can’t see what the male owner will fall in love with the hostess. As an audience, we can not find the process that the male owner is attracted by the woman. Finally, it is the love of love, and you say it is good heart or friendship. The football team can not kick other people, but the team has to pull the palm of the hand and block the goal, let the football play on the face and put the shot at the moment, especially the face of the players being deformed by the football and the sad expression of the male owner. This bridge is too much to be seen and difficult to move. It is very strange to put it here. It is to play the friendly game, or to take the money, because the man’s team is going to start a plane. It’s hard to understand. It can only be said in order to use it and set it up and look back all over the play, and it will find this kind of necessity.

The < p > < strong > characters are so stereotyped and stereotyped that the characters that appear from beginning to end are not new. is a point that must be pointed out. The appearance of a woman who looks like Vivian Hsu, without thirty seconds, sets up a particularly exaggerated image: Mikan Masano, nosy, sense of justice, sense of justice, and a bit of recklessness. The fate is that the woman’s acting skill is more than 100 different from Ma Li, the whole character is floating, all in the end, very not stereoscopic, and very unadorable, not only the people are not lovely, the actors do not really do as well.

is the “stupid and loyal, loyal, fat and ugly party”, “an intellectual man with a dastardly despicable money in his mouth”, “a snobbish man who is always faced with a sense of the love of a team coach.” these characters are really indiscriminate in these years, if they can pass through the actors. It’s good to have some other way to play, but this time there is no breakthrough in the cast. The Taiwan old actor camp is the winner this time, the image of Lichun Lee is simple, not to say, Morni Chang in every fold is a play, from beginning to end should be the first.

Shen tengtenen this role, and Charlotte can not see the difference, Wang multi – fish and Charlotte age background is different, but the character is really not too much, and the space to make a breakthrough is not much, and Shen Tun deducting the two ways from his own does not see the difference, Shen Tengzi He was not the same. He was not the team that had just fired up the first movie to make a word of speech, but a pillar of a team that had a considerable number of fixed spectators, from “Sherlock annoyance” to “the richest man in the city of West Hong”, but Shen had not realized his own breakthrough.

actually this movie is the consistent way of comic movies we saw in the cinema in recent years. men and women meet with some strange things, happy friends after life after life. is like the “shame – ashamed iron fist” as well as the first half of this year. The “super space-time cohabitation”, in fact, is, in fact, a routine or a routine. In addition to the self change of Alan and the stable output of Ma Li, the performance of the other characters, the integration of the other characters, the integrity of the whole conception, the right rhythm of rhythm, and the different kinds of laughter. Enough to keep the constant praise of the happy twist. “Super space-time cohabitation”, there are some common stories, but one of the two corners of Lei Jia sound itself is a point of view, Ming Fan, Xu Zheng, Yu Hewei do not grab the lead of the occasional dew, with the last closing of the story line, the last occasional flamboyant little white, it is the place where it has a special popularity. however, the above advantages can only be said in this “the richest person in the city of West rainbow”. Whether it is to describe the overall sincerity of the happy twist team or to put on Shen Teng’s personal performance, these eight words are all applicable.

a good comedy film is not only to attract the audience to laugh a little bit of tears, but also have enough connotations that are worth showing, which are complementary to each other. Smile is the point of tears, is the ground gas, is stable, contain meaning is bracing frame, is to support. To make everyone happy, we can sit in a chair, and be sure to see you with pain and pain, so that you can understand the whole story, and then go back to yourself and cause your own thinking, which resonates.

is like the staple food, the rice steamed bread, the big rice steamed bread, the smile point is the various dishes. We usually say that no one is willing to eat only a bowl to eat rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, glutinous and glutinous. Because the money is not enough, but because the vast majority of people can not leave the staple food, two meals do not tighten, it is always so eating you try, no staple food after eating down the total feel empty, always feel not full. What’s more, the dishes you’ve fry this time are all old ones. They are delicious, but is fresh.

finally, I want to say that many people strongly say that watching a movie is just a pleasure. This is the most important thing to say to the fans. You’re not going to this team, it’s only going from the team to the vermicelli, more and more to the “sprout” situation. In turn, it says the movie is not high, even the plot is “cock silk man’s fantasy”, “otaku’s novel set”. Lu, who has seen a movie before, knows that it is totally biased, but in fact it is not worth refuting.

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