Off duty, actually, you don’t know. You fell asleep during the day.

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< p > You must have had the experience of falling asleep in class, on the bus, and then waking up with a jerk of your head and wiping off the mouth.

isn’t that a nap? What’s strange about it? Hey, it’s weird. You just remember the wake-up naps. You don’t realize your brain has been sleeping silently for several times.

you think, you think, you believe we are not asleep or awake, which is the same as the difference between day and night. But it’s not really the case. Your brain’s wakefulness is like the number of thermometers, not the switches of electric lights.

so, do you ever put salt in sugar, call your mother where your cell phone is, or say “hair goes without a trace, and the dandruff is more outstanding”? It’s not just because you’re big or mentally retarded, it’s also because your brain is temporarily asleep.

when we are completely unconscious, you will sleep for a few seconds to a few minutes, and you will not have the memory of sleeping. Moreover, the brain is particularly likely to pick the time for laziness. When doing monotonous repetitive tasks, such as driving, the brain will seize every opportunity to make up for it.

this undetected sleep is called micro sleep (microsleep).

sitting on the bus, in fact, before you start to “nod” frequently, you have entered the state of micro sleep. Every minute sleep lasts for about half a second to 2 seconds, but you are completely unaware of it.

< p > Someone has done an experiment in which they asked someone to track an object on a computer screen for about 50 minutes with a game phone handle. An average of 79 hours of sleep per hour per hour lasted for about 6 seconds. But after they finished the game, they said they had just been awake and didn’t fall asleep at all.

not only human beings, but also rats in laboratory will enter the state of micro sleep. During microsleep, though they appear to be awake and active, part of the brain is actually offline.

when these rats are asleep with their paws for sugar, they are more likely to lose their sweets to the ground. Do you like to eat pancake fruit with your school uniform?

do you know why you wake up in class and on the bus?

actually, when you are watering your neighbor’s shoulder with saliva, your brain is not completely asleep. The areas of the brain responsible for sensory signals and attention become active, so you can wake up and answer the teacher’s questions.

many scientists think that sleep is actually the result of sleeping in the brain of the high and the brain area that is abducted by the sheets; if you can’t sleep more, you will wake up, and conversely you lose your consciousness.

< p > explained for so long, the truth is simple: learning slag is to sleep while learning, learning bully is to learn while sleeping.

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