Ofo Australia’s retreat is probably just a little safety helmet.

ofo’s overseas strategy is actually a problem at the beginning.

from the start of the Singapore market to the success of the Singapore market, to the continued increase in the location of the overseas shared bicycle, the overseas strategy of the ofo yellowish car overlooked regional and cultural differences. Singapore has the reputation of “garden city”. As the name implies, it is small and exquisite. Singapore has a large population density, small area and developed economy. The success of sharing bicycles can not be separated from these realistic conditions. Both local residents and tourists from all over the world are willing to ride in a beautiful city, and a single car can help them reach their destination more quickly.

but ofo’s strategy of marching into Australia and India is in fact a problem. Australia is sparsely populated, and the policy on bicycle parking is more stringent, sharing bicycle access will not form a “cycling boom”. Because of the wide geographical area, many places can not ride by bike, often need to drive a car. And Australia’s land and underground transportation is very developed, which makes sharing bicycles even more cold. India, on the contrary, is densely populated, roads are unobstructed, and bicycles are often hard to walk on the road, which also leads to the cold in India.

, when it comes to the strategy of ofo entering the European market, reflects the blindness and radicalism of strategic decision makers. First, the European race is generally tall, and the yellow car into the European market did not follow the custom, according to the needs of users to improve. As everyone knows, Holland is a big country with bicycles. There are a variety of bicycles for everyone to choose from in Holland. Everyone can choose a suitable bicycle for themselves. In the Netherlands, people generally ride bicycles with high seats and large wheels, and many bicycles with baby carriages in front or behind. All these are based on different national conditions and produce different bicycles. The small yellow car’s uniformity makes it “acclimatized”. Second, Europe is a temperate marine climate. It is mild and rainy for a long time. So it is easy to rust out of a single car for a long time. This problem greatly affects the local residents’ demand for and utilization of the single car. Third, many cities in Europe are ancient slate roads, and the ofo types of bicycles are difficult to drive on these roads, and this will also affect the use of small yellow cars.

therefore, I think that the overseas strategy of the ofo yellow car is a problem. The top management of the policy should be adapted to local conditions, consider all aspects of the situation, and then make plans and strategies for sustainable development. This big retreat overseas hopes that decision-makers can re evaluate their overseas strategies and make better development plans.

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