Why are you more lazy than your lazy people?

has a perfect figure. I believe it’s the pursuit of many people. What’s the perfect figure in your eyes?

many people fantasize about their appearance after their workout.

Merman line, male dog waist, 6-8 abdominal muscles.

all professional fitness people have won the honours with almost perfect symmetrical muscle shape.

, although in the pursuit of a good figure on the way, people also use a lot of effort to catch up, but some people in the infinite approach to perfection, so you may be so…

love sports training limbs to find arms, legs are not the same size, the same practice chest, but he turned into the size of the chest, he practiced eight chocolate abdominal muscles, your abdominal muscles crisscrossed, true, no way to find the right, crazy practice, blood does not use ~

Besides, the bad habits of long-term sedentary, sedentary, and low-headed people keep you away from building perfect muscles. What the hell is this?

, in fact, this does not mean that you do not train hard, but you may have a muscle imbalance.

muscle imbalance

common muscle imbalance (Muscle Imbalance), is usually related to the bad posture, living habits and training methods related to , it is said that one side muscle is too tight or relatively strong, and the other side is too loose or weak, this time muscle imbalance.

this imbalance occurs in a group of muscles, such as the pectoral muscles, latissimus dorsi, and the strength or size of the muscles on both sides.

cause and harm to

in addition to genes and diseases, the improper posture (cross syndrome) and the way of training in training often make the body partial and Muscle Imbalance.

imbalanced muscles are not only unbeautiful, it can also reduce our ability to exercise, and can easily cause damage to the body in daily and exercise .

congenital gene

generally, the two sides of the ‘s body are not completely symmetrical , and there is a little difference, and the gene is natural, so it is not possible to change the gene by the effect of the day.

, for example, abdominal muscles, a lot of people have the Arabia IFBB professional Mohamed Ali, the ultimate goal of their own fitness, not only because he has a perfect body, more important is to make him a very red 10 blocks of abdominal muscles.

but in fact, the number and shape of the has the final say of . The position of the tendon determines the shape of the abdominal muscles. It is not possible for you to practice much harder than you do, so the abdominal muscles really keep it unique.

disease leads to

is a non inflammatory disease of the skeletal muscle or neuromuscular junction, the decrease of muscle contractile force and the atrophy of muscle. The causes of are genetic defect, metabolic disorder and immune injury. These need to be hospitalized in time.

bad posture (cross syndrome)

people often use different hands, usually hand strength is generally greater than the other side of the arm strength, most people around are right handed, writing, weight, tennis and so on, which directly affect the nerve and muscles of the arm, the strength and endurance of the right arm in the long time will be slightly larger than the left arm, and the low head, long term volt case, and so on, these bad habits are directly reflected in the bad posture of .

cross syndrome

  • upper cross syndrome (Upper Crossed Syndrome): also known as proximal or shoulder strap syndrome, causes a long low head case or overtraining of some muscle group, resulting in the imbalance of in the corresponding parts of the muscles. Specifically in posture, tortoise neck, cervical lordosis increased, round shoulder, thoracic kyphosis increased and wing-shaped scapula (butterfly), etc.
  • lower cross syndrome (Lower Crossed Syndrome): due to imbalance of muscle strength of the lower limb biomechanical structure imbalance , specific posture in the performance of the lumbar anterior bend, the pelvis forward, lower abdomen protuberance, knee hyperextension, and there will be sacroiliac joint pain, degeneration, And problems such as dysfunction;
  • (Pronation Distortion Syndrome): its intuitive feeling is X leg, arch collapse (Bian Pingzu), knee valgus, hip flexion, and can cause plantar fasciitis, tendinitis of the posterior tibia, tendinitis of the patella, pain in the lower back and so on.

training mode

fitness white usually because of this reason, after a period of strength training, it is found that the hand of the arm will be thicker than the other side, when the bending, the common hand has not reached the limit, and the other side is already weak.

P > < strong > the wrong way of exerting force or the habit of exerting force make the intensity of stimulation and the quality of movement of muscle change < / strong >.

, for example, when it is supine, the one arm is fully stretched and the other arm is slightly bent, or the one arm straightens the other arm and straightens, which will affect the balance of the muscles of the two arms because of the different intensity of the stimulus.

< p > when the parallel bars arm flexion and extension, the body gravity slightly biased to one side, will change the angle of exertion, thus affecting the coordinated development of bilateral pectoralis major and deltoid muscles.

self measurement and improvement of

we see the muscle imbalance , which generally occurs in the superficial parts of the naked eye, such as the buttocks, shoulders, and breasts, and so on. In fact, they are ubiquitous . , in addition to the size of the side muscles, also exacerbates the body problem , how exactly. Do you make yourself unsymmetrical?

if there is such a situation, how can we improve it?

needs you to evaluate your body .

< p > First, you should look at your muscles in the mirror and ask your friends to give you their opinions.

sometimes visually does not really detect problems, which requires measuring the circumference of the muscles by tape measure.

The best way for

is to measure the size of the muscle in the different states of the contraction and relaxation, and to record the asymmetrical parts of the body, and then set a new training program to change the asymmetry.

correction of body

‘s bad posture leads to muscle imbalance. To improve this imbalance, it is necessary to relax tension muscles and strengthen weak side muscle strength to adjust the bad posture.

correction of upper cross syndrome

< p > < strong > over-tight muscles < / strong >: pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, trapezius superior fasciculus, latissimus dorsi, sternocleidomastoid, levator scapulae; < / P >< p > < strong > weakness muscle < / strong >: trapezius inferior fasciculus, rhomboid muscle, anterior serratus muscle, shoulder lateral rotation muscle group (infraspinatus, teres minor), deep cervical flexor muscle.

chest stretching

the right hand and right forearm stand against the doorframe, and the elbow should be slightly higher than the shoulder. Tighten the abdomen to avoid the bow and waist. Take a step forward on the right foot. Bend your right leg slowly, stretch for 5-10 seconds, stop your chest when you feel a slight tingle.

scapula muscle pulling extension

head up to the waist upright sitting, turn to the left 45 degrees to the body, take the chin to the middle of the clavicle, the right back to the body, the left hand slowly touch the top of the head to the maximum tensile tolerance, do not shrug. Hold 15S and change to the other side and repeat 2-3 times. The time of pulling is usually 30-60 seconds.



trapezius muscle

sitting posture, right right behind the chair to catch the edge of the chair, upper body tilt to the left, keep the head vertical , feel the right shoulder or right upper arm has a slight pull feeling. Carefully lean your head to the left and turn slightly to the right. Hold your head with your left hand. Carefully pull your head to one side and stretch for 5-10 seconds.

sternocleidomastoid muscle stretching extension

sitting or standing, find muscle connections on the right side of the clavicle, 2.5 centimeters of your hands at the bottom of the muscle, and gently move the head to the and left on the back of until there is a slight burning sensation on the right side of the neck of . Then, relax the muscles for 5-10 seconds.

strengthens the rhomboid muscle

deep cervical flexor live

The action of

is similar to that of a squeezed double chin. The chin is always tightened throughout the movement.

enhancement of the rotator cuff muscle group

YTWL is a good shoulder training warm-up exercise, can effectively activate the rotator cuff muscles.


action focuses on:

first moved with the “scapula” and then the arm, instead of the shoulder blade.

Y – T

T – W

W – L

enhancement of the

in the deltoid muscleThe

side lift is an exercise of in the deltoid muscle.

from the visual effect, the deltoid muscle bundle is the most capable of showing the shoulder strength .

< p > Xiaobai can start with < strong > unarmed side-lift < / strong > and then advance to < strong > elastic belt side-lift < / strong > or < strong > dumbbell side-lift < / strong >.

enhancement of the shoulder muscle group

wants to develop the volume and strength of the shoulder muscle group, and it is difficult to achieve the purpose by smoothing out such an isolated action on the side, and the compound training , such as , is also needed to be pushed by , and a good stability is required to use a standing posture, so the body needs a good stability . Other muscles in the body will also support it. Standing posture and lifting not only develops shoulder muscles, but also increases overall strength, coordination and stability.

novice can start with unarmed hands, then advance to elastic tape pushing or dumbbell pushing.

(1) unarmed to push

(2) elastic band push

(3) dumbbell lift

enhancement of deltoid posterior fasciculus

Face Pull surface pull is a good training for the action of deltoid posterior bundle .

< p > in addition to the use of gantry ropes in the gym for training, in the home, in fact, can also use the elastic belt for noodle pulling.

correction of lower cross syndrome

tight muscle : iliac psoas muscle and vertical spinalis muscle;

weak muscle : abdominal muscles (Abdominals), gluteal muscles (Gluteals), and hamstring muscles.

enhancement of abdominal muscle

for usually sedentary, the lack of abdominal muscle exercise , but the long-term stress of the population, the following help to strengthen the abdominal muscle action, can be done before and after the daily training.

(1) supine unilateral leg lifting

lying on the ground, straight legs, hands on either side or pad under the waist, pay attention to the waist not to bow up, should stick to the ground all the time; imagine the navel to the spine; lift one leg, repeat 10-15 times, and then change legs.

2. Hanging leg lifting (Qu Tui)

leads up to the position, lift the legs to the knees to the chest; be sure to keep up most close to the chest, or imagine you have to touch the elbow with your knees.

(3) V words keep

supine, lift both legs, knee angle 90 degrees; hands on both sides of the leg, lift up the upper body, then hands out of the leg, then the legs straight, 10-15 seconds, repeat 10-15 times.

relaxes the

of the iliocsoas muscle

has said that the weak iliocsoas needs to be strengthened, but whether the iliocsoas muscle is too strong or too weak, the tight of the ilium muscle also causes discomfort in the waist, and also affects the function of the lower back and hip.

can be improved through the following training.

(1) massaging the ball fascia to relax

can be pressed slowly back and forth, or press fixed-point, with 5 deep breaths. Because tennis is relatively small, if you feel no feeling, you can try to use yoga bricks or other items to make the ball padded. (5 times back and forth, back and forth)

left and right slightly turned over in the sore area. (left and right turn 5 times)

the thighs slowly lift up 5 times, not lifting the calf, but lifting the thighs up. (pressing pain point press)

(2) the iliocsoas muscle stretching

bow and arrow step extension

the bow and arrow step, the upper body straight, the whole center of gravity forward, and the hands raised up to the top, stretching to increase the stretching range.

buttocks bridge

lie on your knees, your feet close to your hips, your hands on both sides, the gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles, and your hips.

supine brace

< p > sit on the floor with your hands on the back of your body and your fingertips pointing toward your feet; the gluteus maximus and the back of your thighs contract and lift your hips. If you feel relaxed, you can stretch your legs for 30 seconds to 1 minutes.

pronation deformation syndrome

Overtightened muscles: gastrocnemius, soleus, peroneus longus and brevis, adductor thighs, lateral femoral, rectus femoris, iliopsoas.

weak muscles: tibialis anterior, vastus medialis, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus.

foot by

if plantar or posterior fascia of the calf is too tight , it may cause insufficient heel support of .

In order to balance, the body will adopt < strong > pelvic forward or tilt forward posture, so that the whole center of gravity more in front, leading to knee hyperextension.

so, for the tight plantar fascia , you can use tennis or golf to roll the foot, relaxes the fascia .


rolls, there will be obvious pain spots on the plantar. First, roll it on a large area, then focus on rolling pain points.

stretched the posterior side of the calf and the side of the thigh


massage and stretch the back muscles of the calf and the front muscles of the thigh to improve their flexibility.

(1) stretching

in the leg

stretching the front of thigh.

enhanced sex

in knee joint

daily, is added to enhance the knee joint stability training action.

(1) elastic belt with crab walking

II elastic belt stance hip abduction

the single leg wooden case rises

watch VMO training

(muscle strength training of the medial femur muscle)


strengthens weak muscle group

enhanced in the posterior thigh of , in the and gluteus maximus and thigh muscles.

(1) gluteus bridge

(2) sitting in a single leg bending

improved training mode

If the

beginner discovers that the strength and endurance of the left and right limbs are not the same, or that the muscles in the side of the body are already large, it is necessary to consciously begin to correct the load on both sides of the muscles.

usually, people tend to use their own, more powerful side hands, arms, legs, which directly lead to more exercise in the habit side, muscle strength will be stronger than the opposite side, so if you want to improve, remember some small skills in training, without special training, you can gradually improve the right and left side. An uneven appearance of a muscle.

uses a single side practice to learn

this requires more unilateral training in your daily training program, effectively improving the weak side muscles. The other advantage of one side exercise is that it can better stimulate the large core muscles and use the core to keep the balance.

appropriate changes are subject to force

is trained to focus on the weaker side, assuming that the barbell is pushed, and the weaker side of the horizontal push will give rise to weakness, while the stronger side will receive more stimulation and become more developed.

at this time can consider changing the force angle, which can help the development of the pectoralis major muscle. In simple words, we want to put the weight of the center of gravity on the weaker side, and improve the overall strength of the body, so that the development of all aspects of the body tends to balance.

The improvement of the daily habits of

changes the habit of

improves the long-term unilateral backpack, single hand and other habits, which not only increases the tension of your trapezius muscle, but also allows you to produce two arms with high shoulders and uneven thickness.

improves the position of the potential

sits on the tip of the elbow and is perpendicular to the ground.

if the elbow is flashed on both sides of the upper trapezius muscle, you can try to sit on your own. You can sit on the keyboard with your hands on the keyboard, and the elbow will rise up on both sides of the elbow. So the place to change is the vertical ground of the elbow tip, and the angle of the elbow joint is slightly greater than 90 degrees.

activity closing section

make the correct sequence of shoulder activity, that is, when you lift your arms, you should “lift your shoulders and shoulders” instead of shrugging your shoulders and lifting your elbow.

abdominal call sucking

< p > Learn to start breathing from the abdomen. Shoulder and neck muscles, including the trapezius muscle, take part in excessive breathing and become tense repeatedly when the abdomen is too tense.

if you find a small difference between the muscles around you, there is no need for tension. All of these methods can help you improve.

, in addition to this, also please face the difference in the body itself, , such as the abdominal muscles, some people really have no way to practice absolute symmetry, so do not be too entangled in this, in addition, some form of physical training in the ordinary days, is also very good.

if you have some physical problems, you can reply to your posture in public address.

fitness is the process of constantly promoting self improvement. It is important to make yourself healthier and healthier.

finally, due to the muscular imbalance caused by illness and innate problems, consult a professional doctor.

do you have muscle asymmetry?

pays more attention to the details of the body, and is also responsible for his performance.

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